School Report

School Magazine release_ March 27:

The Magazine Committee of Campus School organized a special assembly on 27th March 2024 to release the annual school magazine “Creative Express-2024”, with Mrs. Prasannakumari, author of “Pendrive” as the Chief Guest. Mrs. Prasannakumari addressed the gathering and officially released the magazine, which was received by the school Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair, alongside Ziyazen Aman, a budding author of Campus School, and Aysha Hawazin, Student Editor. Ziyazen Aman shared insights about her book “Ginger, The Little Braveheart” and gifted copies to the Chief Guest and the School Library, while Aysha Hawazin’s efforts were recognized with an appreciation certificate. The Principal honored the Chief Guest with a memento, and the event concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks from the Magazine Committee Incharge, highlighting the collaborative effort and literary talent within Campus School showcased during the event.


Gautham Menon(VI A) achieved the third Rank in the International English Olympiad at the zonal level. As recognition for his accomplishment, he will be presented with a Silver Medal and a cash prize of Rs. 2500.


A beginner’s course for bunnies’ leaders was conducted on 01/03/2024 at Kuttippuram BRC Hall, Karipol. Mrs. Meera Bai and Mrs. Raihanth. PK attended the training programs from MES Campus School, Kuttippuram and received the certificates of Beginners Course of bunnies’ leaders.


A beginner’s course for cub’s leaders was conducted on 01/03/2024 at Kuttippuram BRC Hall, Karipol. Mrs. Smitha.K and Mrs. Manju attended the training programs from MES Campus School, Kuttippuram and received the certificates of Beginners Course of cub leaders.


A beginner’s course for Flock leaders was conducted on 01/03/2024 at Kuttippuram BRC Hall, Karipol. Mrs. Dhanya PD attended the training programs from MES Campus School, Kuttippuram and received the certificates of Beginners Course of Flock leaders.

NEWSPAPER QUIZ winners and BEST READERS of 2023-’24:

On 29th Feb 2024 Campus School, Kuttippuram conducted a special assembly to honour the best readers and winners of newspaper quiz of the academic year 23-24. Mr. Abdul Gafoor (Librarian of MES Engineering college honored the Winners.

1. Shahan Shiyas Hurair (III E)
2. Shreya R (IV A)
3. Rishikesh PJ (V B)
4. Ellath Sreesankar Menon (VI B)
5. Aban Jaheer Ibrahim (VII)
6. Ahmed Nabhan Hurair (VIII)
7. Calvin Mada (IX)
8. Abhinanda M K (X)
9. Nihan K (XI)
10. Devansh S Nair (XII)

1. Abhinav C (IV)
2. Sainul Abid (IV )
3. Rishikesh P J(V )
4. Ishani K R(V )
5. Fathima Shaza Saiboo(VI )
6. Hamdan K(VI )
7. Sreya Balan(VII )
8. Riza T(VII )
9. Ananya V M(VIII )
10. Revathy M(VIII )
11. Shifna Rabin(IX)
12. Ghanasyam(IX)
13. Fida K (X)
14. Abhinanda M K(X)
15. Gopika K R(XI)
16. Sreya Punnakkal(XI)
17. Namitha Nandakumar (XII)
18. Krishna S (XII)

Sugama Hindi Examination 2023-24:

In the Sugama Hindi Examination conducted by Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha, Thiruvananthapuram, in November, 115 students participated. Notably, our 2 students excelled, with Shahan Shiyas Hurair from III std securing the 1st Rank with a perfect score of 50/50, and Rishikesh PJ from V std achieving the 3rd Rank with an impressive score of 48/50. Additionally, 36 students secured A1 and 25 students secured A2. All participants have received their well-deserved certificates.

National Science Day_ February 28:

MES Campus School celebrated National Science Day on February 28th, emphasizing the importance of science in enhancing everyday life. The event aimed to foster interest in science and technology, featuring programs such as speeches, poster making, chart work, PowerPoint presentations, and debates organized by the Department of Science. The school welcomed guest speaker VV Manikandan Master, a recipient of the Best Teacher Award in Kerala, who shared insights on utilizing science and technology for societal betterment. An interactive talk show with Science club students further enriched the celebration.

Bharat Scouts and Guides Camporette_ February 24, 25:

Bharat scout and Guides Kuttippuram Local Association conducted a Camporette at BHSS Mavandiyur on February 24 and 25. 22 scouts,18 guides and two guide captains (Sheeja P & Smitha P )from our school were participated in the Camporette. They could participate many adventurous activities.Guides performed a mesmerizing dance programme .It was a wonderful experience for all the participants.


Preprimary Montessori conducted a trip to FARM VILLA CHAVAKKAD on 15.02.2024. They saw many animals and birds. They fed birds and animals. They enjoyed the trip very well and some of them shared their experience through videos.

Medical Camp_February 8 and 9:

The annual medical checkup for the year 2024 was held on 8 & 9 February 2024. A team of doctors from MES Medical College , Perinthalmanna and MES Dental College, Perinthalmanna examined present health condition of all the students. Findings were recorded in the health card and communicated the same to the parents as well.

Accomplishment of Rajyapuraskar Awards:

The Rajyapuraskar Test for Scouts and Guides, who had achieved the Tertiary Zopan Badge before March 31, 2023, took place from January 12th to 14th, 2024, at various state-level centers. The specific Tirur District Scout Rajyapuraskar Test Camp was hosted at MES HSS Irimpiliam. The event saw the active participation of four students from MES Campus School, all of whom successfully completed the test, earning the prestigious Rajyapuraskar accolade. The accomplishment reflects their dedication and proficiency in the Scout and Guide program.


MSAT district level exam conducted on 06/01/2024, Saturday. 48 students from our school wrote the district level examination. Ahmed Shabhan Hurair (VIII) and Karthika R (IX) secured first rank in the district level. Isha Mehrin (XI Commerce) and Gautham Menon (VI) secured second rank and Gagan Krishna (XI Science) secured third rank. 24 students from classes 3rd to XII secured different ranks from 1 to 10. First 3 ranks will be awarded with cash prizes, trophies and certificates from Malappuram Sahodaya. All the first 10 ranks will be awarded with trophies and certificates. Award function will be conducted on 7th February 2024, Wednesday at Silver Mount School, Perinthalmanna.

Stupendous Success:

With great pride, the Campus school would like to inform you that our alumna Miss.Bhaavya (2018-2019) has secured Chief Minister’s Prathibha Puraskaram( a cash award of 1 lakh rupees) on behalf of her excellence in Under Graduation in Economics.

MES Campus school, Kuttippuram wishes her all the very best for her future.


Republic day celebration _ January 26:

Due to the sad demise of Master Ayur M Raj of VIII th std on 21st January, the  Republic Day celebration was restricted to flag hoisting. Principal Mrs. Sunita Nair hoisted the flag at 8.45 am in the presence of few students and teachers.


Malappuram Sahodaya organized a Chess Tournament on 21st Jan. 2024, Sunday at MES Campus School. The tournament was inaugurated by Jb. P Abdurahman, the Former President, Chess Association Kerala. Out of 13 schools participated, MES Campus School lifted the overall championship with 27 points.

Category wise result:


Under 10 (Common): I Prize

Under 12 (Girls) – III Prize

Under 12 (Common)-II Prize

Under 14 (Girls) – II Prize

Under 14 (Common) -I Prize

Under 17 (Girls) -1 Prize

Under 19 (Girls)-I Prize


Trip to Wagamon,Idukki & Munnar_ January 15 to 18:

A group of 46 students of XI classes along with 5 staff members went to an educational tour to Wagamon, Idukki and Munnar on 15 January.

Pine forest,kurisumala,tea plantations,grape orchard were the main places they have visited.

The trip was adventurous and informative too.It ended on 18th and the students reached back at 11.30 p.m.

State Camporee 2023 by Kerala State Bharat Scouts and Guides:

The 23rd State  Kampori was held at Govt Rajas HSS Kottakkal from 27th Dec to 31st Dec.Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan inaugurated the event by online. It was an unforgettable event in the hearts of it’s participants. Almost 5000 Scouts & Guides from different corners of the state gathered together in the same ground for a 5 day camp during the X’ mas break. From MES Campus School a 7 member team, Ghanashyam S, Gautham Krishna P, Rithik K ,Thejas Anil Kumar (IX) Ahmed Nabhan Hurair, Ahmed Shabhan Hurair and Muhammed Danish (VIII) participated in this event under the leadership of scout master Mr.Ameen . The 5 days were filled with enjoyment and lessons of responsibilities which all scouts should took in to heart.

Bharat Scouts and Guides_ Investiture Ceremony_January 18:

The MES CEC SSS Kuttippuram Unit witnessed a momentous Kerala Bharat Scouts and Guides Investiture Ceremony on January 18, 2024. The program featured greetings from Bunny and Bulbul, a heartfelt prayer, and a solemn pledge. Mr. Ameen, the Scout Master, delivered a warm welcome, followed by a presidential address from Mr. Ali T V. Mrs. Sunita Nair, the Principal, gave an inaugural speech, and Priya S Nair, Primary HM, extended felicitations. After the presidential address, Chief Guest Mr Balakrishnan M, the District Commissioner of Scouts in Tirur, added an esteemed presence to the ceremony. The highlight was the Investiture Ceremony, symbolizing the induction of new members and marking a promising beginning for the scouts.


Prathibha Hindi Scholarship Exam 2023:

Prathibha Hindi Scholarship Exam 2023, a state-level examination  organized by Deseeya Hindi Academy, conducted on  17/11/23.  A total of 106 students wrote the examination. Rishikesh PJ from V.A clinched the first rank, while Shahan Shiyas Hurair (III.E) and Rishan Sherikh (VI.A) secured the third rank. Notably, 13 students received the Medal with Distinction, 19 achieved Distinction, 30 secured First Class, 19 obtained Second Class, and 22 earned Third Class.

SOF International Mathematics Olympiad:

The following students have qualified for the second level of the SOF International Mathematics Olympiad:


  1. Shahan Shiyas Hurair (III)
  2. Nahan Niyas Hurair (III)
  3. Adithyan P (IV)
  4. Gautham Menon (VI)
  5. Devika P M (XI)

Mullaveettil AZIZ Memorial Chess Tournament_January 13:

The 9th Mullaveettil AZIZ Memorial Chess Tournament took place at MES Central School in Tirur on January 13, 2024 (Sunday). A commendable achievement for our Campus School as 25 students participated, ultimately securing the prestigious OVERALL championship trophy.

National Youth Day_ January 12:

Youth Day 2024 was observed on 12January to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Abhinanda MK of X th standard & Hana Mehrin of grade 3, Double Delight prepared video presentations based on the life of the great Indian monk. The videos  were circulated in the class WhatsApp groups. Daksha Thraya of class VIII delivered a speech in the  assembly programme.

SOF International Mathematics Olympiad:

The following students have qualified for the second level of the SOF International Mathematics Olympiad:

1. Shahan Shiyas Hurair (III)
2. Nahan Niyas Hurair (III)
3. Adithyan P (IV)
4. Gautham Menon (VI)
5. Devika P M (XI)

Mullaveettil AZIZ Memorial Chess Tournament_January 13:

The 9th Mullaveettil AZIZ Memorial Chess Tournament took place at MES Central School in Tirur on January 13, 2024 (Sunday). A commendable achievement for our Campus School as 25 students participated, ultimately securing the prestigious OVERALL championship trophy.

National Youth Day_ January 12:

Youth Day 2024 was observed on 12January to commemorate the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Abhinanda MK of X th standard & Hana Mehrin of grade 3, Double Delight prepared video presentations based on the life of the great Indian monk. The videos were circulated in the class WhatsApp groups. Daksha Thraya of class VIII delivered a speech in the assembly programme.

Montessori Day celebrations_January 5&9:

On January 5, 2024, a lively Montessori Day commenced with an informative session led by Ms. Vismaya M, a consultant psychologist at ILA Foundation. The aim was to inspire a love for learning and instill essential values. The day continued with a fun kite-flying event, promoting teamwork and coordination. The Pre-Primary Montessori of M E S Campus School celebrated this year’s Montessori Day as ‘Grains Day’ on January 9, 2024. An exhibition showcasing grains, pulses, sprouted grains, microgreens, and various food items made from different grains delighted the young learners. An event named “കഞ്ഞീo പയറും” was also conducted where teachers and students together prepared Poridge and a side dish with green gram. It was distributed among students as their lunch and they enjoyed the delicious feast. Overall, it was a wonderful blend of education and recreation, embodying Montessori principles.”

 Trip to Ooty and Black thunder_ January 3&4:

On January 3rd and 4th, a group consisting of 71 students and 9 staff members from Classes 6 and 7 embarked on an exciting trip to Black Thunder and Ooty. The journey included engaging activities such as a campfire by the lake, visits to the tea factory, botanical garden, and picturesque pine forests. It was a delightful adventure filled with exploration, learning, and fun, creating lasting memories for everyone involved.

National Science Olympiad:

We are delighted to announce that the following students have successfully qualified for the second level of the SOF National Science Olympiad:

Nasan Muhammad PV (6A)

Goutham Menon (6A)

Ahmed Shabhan Hurair PK (8B)

Hridya Prem (11A)

Congratulations to these exceptional students for their achievement!”

National Mathematics Quiz:

Nazan Mohammed from Class VI A made an impressive mark at the National Mathematics Quiz held by Cosmic Maths, clinching the top spot in Category 1. His outstanding performance earned him the first rank along with a commendable cash prizem of Rs1000. Congratulations, Nazan Mohammed, on this remarkable achievement.

National Level Spell Bee Competition_

Goutham Menon, a student of Class VI A, exhibited remarkable skill and secured the impressive fourth position in the National Level Spell Bee Competition held at Coimbatore. Goutham’s dedication and linguistic prowess shone through in this highly competitive event, showcasing commendable achievement. Congratulations, Goutham Menon, on this significant accomplishment!

MES Campus School Alumni Meet “Mesmerize2023″_ December 31:

The MES School Alumni Meet “Mesmerize2023” on Dec 31, 2023, was a heartwarming gathering of former students, teachers, and staff. It featured speeches, shared memories, cultural performances, and acknowledgments. Notable moments included inspiring talks, alumni sharing experiences, and a commitment to support the school community.The Chief Guest at the Alumni Meet was Mrs. Asifa Khader( former faculty , Recipient of APJ Abdul Kalam eminent teacher award winner),who shared insights and expressed willingness to contribute to the school community through online sessions. Overall, it was a joyous event fostering strong bonds and cherished memories.

Capacity building program_December 29&30:

MES Campus school organized two days of CBSE COE training on the topic ‘ School Health and Wellness ‘ on 29 and 30 December 2023. 54 teachers of our school and 3 teachers from MES Central School, Valanchery participated in it. Dr. Abdul Jaleel P and Mr. Shaji Thayil were the resource persons from CBSE and the sessions were highly informative and useful for teachers.

On-the-Spot Quiz_December 29:

The On-the-Spot Quiz conducted during the Kelappaji Puraskara Samarppanam at Kottakkal concluded with great enthusiasm. Ellath Sreesankar Menon of 6B secured the prestigious first prize, showcasing remarkable knowledge and expertise. Congratulations to Sreesankar.

Annual Sports Meet Hermes ’23_ December 23&24:

The Annual Sports Meet 2023-2024 at MES College of Engineering Campus Senior Secondary School took place on December 22nd and 23rd, 2023. Dr. Saleem Manamkandath from the Physical Education Department at MES Engineering College was the esteemed chief guest. The event featured spirited participation from students, grouped into four houses: Glitters emerged as the winners with 152 points, followed closely by Sparklers with 148 points, Dazzlers secured third place with 137 points, and Glimmers attained fourth place with 81 points. The enthusiastic energy displayed by the students throughout the event was remarkable, while the collaborative effort of the teaching and non-teaching staff greatly contributed to the event’s success.

Christmas celebration 2023_December 21:

The Christmas celebration at MES CAMPUS SCHOOL took place on December 21st, 2023, just before the school closed for the holiday break.Special assembly was conducted. The air was filled with melodious carols sung by the students. Students and teachers collaborated to create a beautiful crib, symbolizing the essence of the season, and adorned a magnificent Christmas tree that sparkled with festive decorations.The celebration was further sweetened by the distribution of delicious cakes among the students.

Primary Montessori sports day Forza ’23_December 21:

The Primary Montessori sports day, “Forza ’23,” held on December 21st, 2023, featured engaging events like running (50m), frog jump, march past, drill, aerobic dance, and hoola hoop performances. Every child received well-deserved medals, celebrating their participation and efforts in the diverse activities showcased during the event.

The All Kerala MES CBSE Schools Quiz 2023_December 21:

The All Kerala MES CBSE Schools Quiz 2023 held at MES Kaithapoyil on December 21, 2023.The event was graced by the esteemed presence of Sri UK Kumaran, a distinguished Novelist and Journalist. The outstanding representatives of Campus school secured Second Place in the Sub Junior category with Vasudev R Menon and Aswathi and Junior Category with Ahammed Nabhan Hurair and Ahammed Shabhan Hurair. Pranav S Nair and Karthika R achieved Third Place in the Senior Category, while Fiza Mujeeb and Sreeramgiri excelled, securing Second Place in the Super Senior Category. Overall, our school earned the honor of First Runner-Up in this highly competitive quiz.

Tour to Kodaikanal_December 17,18&19:

From December 17th to 19th, class 9th students of MES Campus school embarked on an exhilarating three-day trip accompanied by 9 staff members. 83 students joined the trip. Exploring Coakers Walk, Pine Forest, Pillar Rock, and other scenic spots, they delved into nature’s wonders and historical landmarks like Ramakkal Medu and the Kuravan Kurathi Statue. The highlight was the insightful visit to Idukki Dam, educating students about its engineering marvel. Kodaikanal provided the perfect finale, offering unforgettable experiences for all involved.

“The Times Literary” News paper release_ December 16:

The Literary Club Section-II unveiled “The Times Literary” newspaper during the morning assembly on December 16th, 2023. Mrs. Geetha, HSST from Sabari HSS Pallikurup, honored as the Chief Guest, launched the newspaper. Additionally, she conducted an engaging and motivational session for the Class X students, emphasizing activity-based learning and inspiration.


International Arabic Language Day_December 18:

MES Campus Senior Secondary School recently commemorated the International Arabic Language Day with a series of engaging programs. The celebrations featured essay competitions, calligraphy showcases, collage presentations, and paper crafting competitions, involving both students and teachers. The event included an Arabic assembly where school Principal Sunitha Nair, head teachers Meera Bhai and Priya S Nair, along with Arabic instructors Mumtaz and Shahimon, and Montessori teacher Raheena, joined students Rishal and Amana in delivering speeches.

Trip to Thunchan Paramb and Noor Lake_December 15:

On 15/12/23, classes 1 and 2, along with 73 students, 7 teachers, and 2 staff, explored Thunchan Paramb and Noor Lake. Students were captivated by Ezhuthachan’s literary legacy at the museum. Noor Lake impressed with lush landscapes, making it a joyful day of learning and exploration.

Study tour to Planetarium and Beypore beach_December 15:

The class 3 study tour on 15/12/23 to the Planetarium in Kozhikkode and Beypore Beach was an enriching experience for 57 students, 9 teachers, and two staff members. At the Planetarium, the children were captivated by the cosmos, sparking their curiosity and fostering a love for astronomy. Later, at Beypore Beach, the day was filled with laughter, exploration, and the simple joys of sun, sand, and waves.

All Kerala MES Schools Athletic Meet 2023-24_December 13&14:

Campus School actively participated in the 16th All Kerala MES Schools Athletic Meet 2023-24 held at MES Pattambi on December 13th and 14th, 2023. Out of the 13 participating schools, Campus School secured the 4th position with an impressive 46 points. The talented athletes from our school clinched 2 gold medals, 12 silver medals, and 15 bronze medals. Additionally, MES Campus School achieved the 1st position in the March Past event.

Training session for the participants of the MES State quiz_December 13:

A training session for the participants of the MES State quiz was conducted on Wednesday, December 13th, 2023, at the AV Hall in the Primary Block. Mr. Mridul M Mahesh(State co-ordinator , International quizzing association, Asia) led the session, which included all the participants as well as the substitute.

MES Kho-Kho tournament_ December 12:

MES Campus School, Kuttipuram, is delighted to announce that our school secured the second-runner-up position in the MES Kho-Kho tournament held at MES Thanur on December 12, 2023. Additionally, we are proud to share that Devika from Class XI was honored with the award for Best Defender.

An interactive session with XII students by Sudeep_December

Mr Sudeep(Alumnus of Campus school)mainly talked about the different mode of studies which students has to follow and explained in an elaborate manner on the stream of engineering.The students were able to clear their doubts and the interaction was extremely fruitful.

Cub-bulbul utsav and Twinning programme_ December 9:

Bharat Scout and Guide Kuttippuram subdistrict cub-bulbul utsav and Kozhikode – Tirur district association Twinning programme was held at Karipol GMHS .About 500 Bulbuls and cubs participated in the festival.6 Bulbuls and 2 flock leaders from MES campus school participated in the programme.Malappuram district Panchayat President Mr.Basheer Randathani inaugurated the event.Scout dis vice president Mrs.TV Ramsheeda teacher spoke to children. As a part of Utsav Bulbuls got chance to participate various programmes like magic show,Jungle play, adventure games and dance programme.

Trip to Silverstorm_ December 7:

The Class IV & V tour to Silver Storm was a day filled with joy and learning for 94 students. The trip featured engaging educational activities, supervised by dedicated staff, ensuring punctuality and a safe return.

Celebrating Folk Song ‘ ‘ശീലുo തുടിയും’_ December 6:

Celebrating Folk Song ‘ ‘ശീലുo തുടിയും’ was conducted on 6/12/2023, as part of literary club. Shri Devarajan, Ninav , Anakkara was the guest in the program. The program was entertaining and informative taking children through various forms of music.

MED-EXPO ’23_December 6:

The Science Club organized an insightful exhibition, ‘MED-EXPO,’ showcasing an array of local medicinal plants renowned for their diverse health benefits on 6/12/23 at biology lab. The exhibition featured detailed information on each plant, including their scientific names, local names, and respective health advantages. This immersive display facilitated an enriching experience for students and visitors, enhancing their understanding of the medicinal properties of these plants.

‘IGNITE’ A motivational session_December 5:

A motivation class ‘IGNITE’ was conducted for the students of class X and XII on 5/12/’23, Tuesday. Shri A. G. Kannan, Ditector, High Aims Motivation Centre, Calicut was the resource person. The session was highly beneficial for the students.

International day of persons with disabilities_December 4:

Under the guidance of counseling department, MES Campus School observed International day of persons with disabilities on 04-12-2023. A speech was delivered in the morning assembly by Ayisha Sairish of IX- B about the importance of promoting the rights and well-being of persons with disabilities in all spheres of society and development. Students displayed various posters with slogans. The programe was genuinely helped the students to promote awareness-raising about disability issues and draws attention to the benefits of an inclusive and accessible society for all.

Thalir Scholarship district level result

Malappuram State Children’s Literacy Institute has announced the district level result of Thalir Scholarship Examination. In the senior category V. Prabin Prakash (GVH SS Kalpakancheri), Pranav S. Nair (MES Campus School, Kuttipuram) shared the first place in the district. Students who get the highest marks from the district will participate in the state level competition.

SOF International English Olympiad:

Gautham Menon from Class VI A qualified for the second level of the SOF International English Olympiad, securing impressive ranks: 15th at zonal, 57th at regional, and 92nd internationally. Congratulations!

MES Chathamangalam Team Visit_November 30:

A team from MES Chathamangalam conducted a comprehensive visit to MES Kuttippuram as part of their NABET accreditation process. The visit aimed to assess and evaluate the facilities and standards at MES Kuttippuram to ensure compliance with NABET requirements.

Annual academic inspection_November 27:

Annual academic inspection by MES EDUCATION BOARD was conducted at MES Campus school, Kuttippuram on 27 November 2023. A panel consisting resource persons & subject experts analysed the ambience of school and transaction of teaching learning process.

All Kerala CBSE State Kalotsav_November 24,25 &26:

All Kerala CBSE state Kalotsav was held on November 24, 25 and 26 at the Sri Sarada Vidyalaya, Kaladi. From our school 31 students participated in various items (30 single items and 1 group item) and secured 23 A grades and 8 B grades. In category 3 Sriniketh PJ won the third place with A grade in recitation Sanskrit. Out of 722 schools from various Sahodayas, MES CAMPUS school secured the 26th position with 145 points and second position in Malappuram Sahodaya.

STEM Genius Mega Quiz:

Ishani KR from V, Angitha M Raj from VI, and Ahammed Nabhan Hurair & Ahammed Shabhan Hurair, both from VIII, represented our school at the STEM Genius Mega Quiz organized by Madhyamam at Venniyoor Kottakkal, where over 500 students participated. Our UP participants secured the second prize, earning a cash prize of 6000 rupees along with a memento in recognition of their achievement.

Communal Harmony Campaign:

The school observed Communal Harmony Campaign week from 19 November to 25 November with various activities. Flag day was observed on 24th November under the leadership of school parliament and the students donated to the welfare of underprivileged children. Special speeches were organized in the assembly.

Musical event ‘Coming together’_November 23:

The Charity Club and Outreach Programme Committee of MES Campus School organized a musical event titled ‘Coming Together’ on November 23rd (Wednesday) at Hope Special School in Ponnani. The event significantly impacted the mental and emotional well-being of the children, offering them a unique and positive experience. The children from Hope Special School were also provided with lunch, fostering a sense of community and care.

MES State Volleyball Tournament 2023

The MES State Volleyball Tournament 2023 took place at MES Campus School, Kuttippuram on November 18. MES Raja Residential School emerged as winners, MES Campus School has secured the first runners-up trophy, and Fathima Rahim Central School, Kaithapoyil has secured the second runners-up trophy. Master Nazan Sayyaf from MES Raja Residential School was awarded the Best Player trophy.

Pre- Primary Sportsmeet Umang 2023-24

The Pre- Primary montessorians celebrated sports day ‘Umang 2023-24’ with enthusiasm! The little ones showcased their skills in fun races and activities, fostering confidence and sportsmanship. The day kicked off with an energetic mass drill, inaugurated by Principal Mrs. Sunita Nair in the august presence of Vice Principal, Joint secretary and other HMs.The event ended joyfully with medal distributions, leaving smiles on every child’s face, marking the success of Umang 2023-24.

Asianet Whizkid Season 2 quiz competition_ November 15:

The audition for the Asianet Whizkid Season 2 quiz competition was held at St. Joseph Anglo Indian School in Calicut. Fiza Mujeeb and Abhinanda participated in the audition, and out of over 30 teams, our team secured a place in the pre-quarters, clinching the third position.

Children’s Day Celebration_ November 14:

MES Campus school celebrated children’s day with great enthusiasm. A special assembly was conducted by the teachers. Sweets were distributed to all the students. In connection with children’s day, our children were able to be a a part of the program, “I LOVE” by exchanging toys organized by ILA Foundation, Kuttippuram. Each and every student made their participation through exchanging toys with great happiness.

Tour to Wonderla_November 11:

A successful one-day educational tour to Wonderla for Class XII students ensured an immersive experience, fostering teamwork, and creating memorable moments. With 42 students and dedicated supervision from Mrs. Bindu K M, Mrs. Raji I, Mrs. Preetha P K, Mr. Shahimon V T, and Mr. Saran, punctuality and safety were ensured throughout the journey. The trip combined fun and learning through games while maintaining a well-structured schedule, concluding as a perfect blend of education and recreation.

Mambuv Sangamam_November 11:

CBSE Malayalam Teachers Association held its Mambuv Sangamam on November 11, 2023 in association with ILA Foundation at Kuttippuram. Four teachers from Campus school attended the program. The event was inaugurated by Mr. Subhash Chandran. Mr. Kalpetta Narayanan discussed ‘The Contemporary Relevance of Asan’s Concept of Love,’ while Mr. Shaukat Sahajotsu spoke on ‘Teaching Knowledge to Life.’ The one-day meeting, presided over by Karunakaran, felicitated writers, teachers, and organizers, with the participation of 200 CBSE teachers.

Aksharamuttam Quiz – Subdistrict Level_November 11:
On 4/11/23, eight students from our school participated in the Aksharamuttam Quiz at GHSS Edapal.


Aswathi ( IVB)
Adithyan (IVB)
Ishani (VB)
Vasudev (V B)
Nasih Usman (X B)
Ahamed Shabha Hurrair (VIII B)
Fiza Mujeeb (XI A)
Adarsh ( XI A)

Despite not advancing to the next level, the participants showcased commendable knowledge and enthusiasm.All participants were honored with certificates and a book in acknowledgment of their participation and effort.

“RUCHIRAJAN” Vegetable Day Celebration_November 10:

On November 10, 2023, our little ones at Preprimary Montessori celebrated Vegetable Day, ‘RUCHIRAJAN. Each child brought vegetables, and together, we made Avial and salad. It was a fun day of learning colors, names, and the health benefits of vegetables. We all enjoyed the delicious feast.

Tour to Wonderla_November 10:

Class X students had a one-day educational tour to Wonderla, departing at 6:00 am and returning at 1:20 am. With 33 students and teachers including Mrs. Zarina A., Mrs. Jinci A.J., Mr. Ajay Kumar, and Mr. Vinod, the trip combined fun and learning through educational games. It was a successful venture with students’ active involvement.

“VARNOLSAVAM” Bunnies Gathering_November 4:

The Kerala State Bharat Scout and Guides District Association, Tirur, organized the “VARNOLSAVAM” Bunnies Gathering on November 4, 2023, at Markas English School, Moodal. The inaugural function featured KT Azad Ali as the chief guest, with Anoop Mavandiyoor, director of Chembarathi, performing folk songs. Various cultural programs, including a vibrant Oppana by our children, made the event colorful and memorable. The vote of thanks was given by Hydarali Akber.


Vallathol Poetry recitation competition
A recitation competition of Mahakavi Vallathol Narayana Menon’s poems was held on November 3rd at Kalamandalam Seminar Hall. Devika PM from XI Science won the first prize in the high school and higher secondary category during the Kerala Kala Mandal Anniversary and Vallathol Jayanti celebration on November 8th and 9th.

Career Guidance Program_November 1:

A career guidance class was given to the students of classes IX to XII on 1/11/’23 Wednesday.
VK Krishnakumar, Course and Career consultant was the resource person. The class was very effective and informative.

Keralappiravi Day_November 1:

Department of Malayalam conducted various programmes to celebrate 67th anniversary of Keralappiravi. The pre-primary, primary & secondary sections ensured the participation of students in the events. Mrs Renuka PC, teacher, artist & social worker in Palakkad District addressed the morning assembly and rendered the guest talk. An exhibition related to heritage & culture was arranged by the Pre-Primary Montessori section. The students of Primary & UP section created the shape of Kerala, marked the districts and explained the specialities. A quiz based on proverbs was arranged for the students of class III to X. Commemorated Kumaranashan’s works on the 100th year of ‘Karuna’ & presented Kavyanjali. The Kavyanjali programme started with a dance drama based on Poem Karuna. More than 20 students from different classes participated in the Kavyanjali programme.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas_ October 31:

The school observed Rashtriya Ekta Diwas on 31st October with various awareness programmes. Special speech and message was included in the morning assembly. Unity run was also done under the leadership of school Parliament members.


Pre- Primary Montessory conducted a trip to M farm and Velliyankallu heritage park on 20.10.2023. During the farm visit children witnessed dragon fruit farm, some animals like cow, sheep and buffalo. From the park they played and enjoyed well.


A career guidance program was organized by LOGIC SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT’ on 19/10/2023 for XI and XII commerce Students on the topic Career in commerce’. The Resource person for the session was Mr.Riyaz Rahim,faculty of Logic School of Management. He gave an elaborate introduction about the Various opportunities and scope in the field of Commerce. He highlighted the various courses such as CA, CMA, CS and ACCA. The progam ended with a vote of thanks by Sehabin.P.P of XI Commerce.

MES state Chess tournament_October 28:

MES Chess tournament was conducted at MES Medical College Campus School Perinthalmanna on 28/10/ 2023, Saturday. 13 Schools participated and we were able to lift up the OVER ALL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy. The category wise position are as follows :

Under 12
Boys: First- Fuad
Girls : Second-Fathima Manha

Under 14
Boys: First Nazal Mohammed
Girls: First Insha P M

Under 17
Girls: Second Fida

Under 19
Boys: First – Rithik K
Girls: Second – Ishitha

Study Tour to Nilambur Teak museum_October 20:

The study tour of class 3 conducted on 20/10/2023 to Nilambur Teak Museum (Kerala forest research institute). 63 students, 8 teachers and 3 supporting staff participated in the trip. That trip was quite beneficial for the children.

Food Fest ‘രുചിക്കൂട്ട്’_ October 26:
The Food Fest, held on October 26, 2023, was a delightful event that brought together a diverse selection of culinary creations.The unique feature of the Food Fest was the active participation of children. Attendees were treated to a wide array of items, each offering a unique flavour and experience.

Seminar on West Asian War -Shattering of childhood_October 25:

MES campus school kuttippuram has organised a seminar on a very relevant topic West Asian War -Shattering of childhood . Principal of MES Campus school, Mrs.Sunita Nair welcomed the gathering.The seminar was inaugurated by Jb. Mohammad Shafi Haji(President, M E.S- Malappuram). Principal of MES College,Ponnani, Prof. Shajid PP has delivered the keynote address.The lead speaker, the eminent writer and orator Mr.P Surendran has taken the session really informative and indulging. The seminar ended with the vote of thanks by Joint Secretary of Campus school, Jb.Ali TV.


MES Campus School bagged the Second position in Under 17 Category in All Kerala MES state Badminton Tournament held at Dr. N K Mohammed Memorial MES Central School, Valanchery on Oct. 11, 2023.

World mental health day_October 10:

Under the guidance of counseling department, MES Campus School observed world mental health week from 06-10-2023 to 10-10-2023. Various programmes were conducted throughout the week. A speech was delivered in the morning assembly by Niranjana of XII- B about the importance of maintaining a good mental health. A pledge was taken by all students and staffs for creating positive mental well-being. Students displayed placards with slogan and a positivity board was displayed, where students and teachers wrote positive quotes. The programe was really helped the students to raise awareness of mental health issues around the world and to mobilize efforts in support of mental health.


MES Campus School bagged the overall championship with 464 points in the Malappuram Sahodaya Sargotsav & IT Fest conducted at Peace Public School, Kottakkal on October 6th & 7th.

The category wise result:

Category 1: First

Category 2: Fifth

Category 3: Third

Category 4: First

Common: Second

Individual Champions:

Diya Shameer (First): Category 1

Fadil Bin Mohammed (Second): Category 2

Devadutt S Krishna (Second): Category 3

Hayfa Sabeer (First), Pranavi KR &Fiza Mujeeb V (Second): Category 4

This achievement is the collective efforts, dedication and hardwork of the MES campus family.


MES Campus School showcased the outstanding performance in the CBSE District Kalotsav held on 14th &15th Oct, 2023 at Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Kottakkal. 187 students participated in various events and clinched the First Runner Up Trophy with 874 points.

The Category wise result:

Category I (Class III&IV) – Second Runner Up
Category III (Class VIII, IX&X) -First Runner Up
Common Category -First Runner Up
Category IV (Class XI&XII) – Champions

This achievement not only reflects our commitment to the arts and cultural excellence but also shows our unity and determination.

Chess championship:

Nazal Muhammed PP has secured three coveted prizes in the Royal Gambit Season 1, VCC ALL KERALA OPEN CHESS TOURNAMENT & District level chess championship on 14, 15&18 October respectively.


Ahna Palliyalil (Class IV) of MES Campus School, Kuttippuram secured the Second place in the Individual Kumite event for Brown Belt (Under 10) in the WSKF North Kerala Karate Championship- 2023 conducted by The World Shotokan Karate-Do Federation – India held at Ideal Public School, Indoor Stadium, Kuttiadi, Kozhikode on 15th October 2023.

World Post Day_ October 9:

On World Post Day, third-grade students visited the nearby post office as part of their school activities. They inquired about and gained an understanding of the post office’s operations, making it an educational and valuable experience.

Study tour to Trissur ZOO-October 4:

The study tour of class 1 and 2 conducted on 4/10/23, Wednesday to Kerala state Zoo and Museum, Trissur. 73 students, 7 teachers and two supporting staff participated in the trip. The students were very much enthusiastic to see the variety of animals, reptiles and birds. After that we visited natural history museum and Art museum inside the zoo compound. Children watched a 3D show from the museum. The trip was very fruitful and all the children enjoyed thoroughly.

Mathrubhumi “yes, quiz me” competition_October 4:

‘Yes Quiz Me’ mega quiz competition organized by Mathrubhumi and Fair Future Overseas Consultancy was held at Malappuram Kunnummal Town Hall on 4th October 2023. Mr. Snehaj Srinivas was the Quiz master. Malappuram Assistant Collector Sumit Kumar Takoor was the chief guest. 245 teams consisting of two people participated. The competition has 3 phases like preliminary, semi-final and final. Fiza Mujeeb, Karthika, Pranav and Mohammad Sinan from class IX and XI participated for the quiz. The programme was ended up in a fruitful manner.

Gandhijayanthi_October 2:

MES Campus school celebrated Gandhi Jayanti with various programs.A special assembly was conducted in which students presented programs like speech, thought and quiz.The tiny tots of pre- primary also presented short speeches, songs, bhajana and quiz. Children conducted a rally.The classes 1 and 2 of primary section also became a part of cleaning of surroundings and they have shared a video in the class group.

‘Tasty Ripe’ -FRUITS DAY Celebration_ September 29:
The blooming buds of MES CAMPUS SCHOOL- Preprimary montessori section celebrated fruits day ‘Tasty ripe’ on 29th September 2023 in a joyful way. An exhibition of fruits with their plants, fruits, fruit stall, fruit carvings and a live juice corner was arranged. The children prepared ‘fruit custard’ and served to all children and teachers. Children enjoyed the day with lot of zeal and enthusiasm.

Bharat Scout and Guides refreshment course_September 23:
Kerala state Bharat Scout and Guides organized a refreshment course for the unit leaders of Bunny, Flock, Guides, Scout and Ranger on 23rd September 2023 at GHSS, Kuttippuram. The session was inaugurated by Mr. VK Hareesh, AEO. PJ Ameen, Mr.M Balaktishnan, and Mrs Komalavally felicitated the session. From MES Campus school, Smitha P, Sheeja Hareesh, Jisna P and Sreevidya joined the program.

Lingua Fanta ’23- English Fest_September 23:
Benchmark international School, Tirur hosted this year’s English fest Lingua Fanta ’23. A total of 59 children from MES Campus school actively participated in 15 events, showcasing their talents and skills.
In the Category Four competition, our school clinched the top position, earning the first prize. Additionally, in Category 3 competitions, we proudly secured the third position. At the English Fest Lingua Fanta, MES Campus School achieved notable success, securing the first runner-up trophy with a total of 145 points.
This outstanding performance demonstrates the dedication and skill of our students in the field of English language and literature.

TESLA ’23_September 23:
TESLA ’23, hosted by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at MES College of Engineering, Kuttipuram, in partnership with PES IEEE Malabar Subsection, showcased the inventive spirit of school-level students. The MES campus school also delivered a remarkable performance during the event.
The team consisting of Rithik. K, Abhinav. K, Hari Govind. S, and Abhinav. S from 9th standard secured the 2nd Prize in the Idea Pitching Competition(School Level) with their innovative concept of a “SMART HELMET.”
In the Project Presentation Competition(School Level),the team of Mohammed Shahid C, Zainsha P, Dhaveen Ahammed M, and Amal Muhammed PP clinched the 1st Prize with their remarkable project, “GENERATING ELECTRICITY FROM WASTE.”

Awareness session on “Behavioral and Emotional Well-being”_September 20:
The Health and Natural Club hosted an awareness session on “Behavioral and Emotional Well-being” featuring guest speaker Ms. Alkha Jacob on September 20. Ms. Alkha Jacob provided valuable insights into understanding behavior, emphasizing emotional wellness, and offering practical tips. The session included an interactive Q&A. It was informative and engaging, leaving participants with essential tools to improve their overall well-being.

MES Campus School observed the World Ozone Day to make awareness among children about the importance of Ozone layer and its significant contribution in protecting our planet Earth. Abhinanda of class 10 delivered a short speech in the morning assembly about the importance of the day. Science Department organized various competitions like poster making, cartooning, quiz etc for the classes 6 to 12.

National Hindi Day_September 14:
MES Campus School observed National Hindi day on September 13th with various programmes. Rishan Sherikh of 6th standard delivered a speech in the special assembly. Chart making competition on Hindi diwas was also conducted.

Paper pen making with seed_September 13:
Science club conducted a paper pen making with seed activity as a part of their club activities. They made more than hundred beautiful pens and distributed that among the students.

Sahodaya Magazine competition:
MES Campus school magazine ‘Creative Express’ 2022-’23 has secured 3rd prize in the Malappuram Sahodaya magazine competition.

Download School magazine pdf file

Win National Spell bee competition:
Gautham Menon of class 6 A secured third prize in state level grand finale of Win National spell bee competition held at Joe Mount Public School, Aluva on September 10 and he is qualified for the national level competition.

Teacher’s day celebration _September 5:

On September 5th, Teacher’s Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm under the leadership of the Student Parliament. Teachers were honoured in the school assembly. The first two periods of the day were conducted by the 9th-grade students, who took the responsibility of teaching classes for students in grades IV to VIII.

Class magazine competition:

A competition for the best manuscript magazine was conducted for classes III to XII as four categories. The winners are as follows:
Category 1- IV B
Category 2- VI A
Category 3 -X B
Category 4 – XII A
The winners were awarded in the school arts fest on 23rd August 2023.

ARTS FEST SPECTRA ’23_ August 23 &24:

MES Campus School’s Arts fest, SPECTRA’23, took place on August 23 & 24. The inauguration began at 10:00 AM with the welcome address by School Principal Mrs. Sunita Nair. Jb. S.M.S Mujeeb Rahman, Chairman of MES Campus School presided the function. Kumari. Nehal V Ranjith (Top Singer finalist- Flowers channel) was the chief guest.

The school hired judges from outside in order to evaluate the programmes and most of them shared very good remarks about the performance of the students. The winners of the two days event was SPARKLERS with 1448 points. GLITTERS became first runners-up with 1361 points. The category results: DAZZLERS (241), GLITTERS (288), GLIMMERS (445), SPARKLERS (482), and the common category – GLIMMERS (112).

In the valedictory function Mohammed Rishal, Head boy of the school welcomed the gathering and Kumari. Nandita N A, Alumnus of Campus school was the chief guest.

Onam Celebration

MES Campus Senior Secondary School celebrated Onam 2023 with a variety of activities. The CCA Committee organized a colorful ‘pookalam’ decoration in the school campus and conducted a category-wise pookkalam competition. Mr. AjayKumar, the school music instructor, arranged ‘Ganolsavam,’ in which students enthusiastically participated. Additionally, class-wise Tug of War contests were organized, and an Onam feast was served by the school.

Rendering a helping hand

To inculcate the value of charity ,the parliament members of MES campus school took an initiative for distributing onam kits for the needy people nearby our school .The students contributed vegetables and groceries towards it. The parliament members and few teachers visited 20 houses and handed over the kits.

Science Fest Inspiron 2023_ August 17:

On August 17, 2023, after a gap of 15 years, the MES Education Board in Kerala organized a State Science Fest for schools under the MES board. The event took place at MES Puthanathani, and MES Campus School, Kuttippuram actively participated. This year’s fest gave importance to not only to science but also to various branches of studies.

In the science category, various segments were featured, including Working Models, Still Models, Projects, and Quizzes, each divided into different categories. From our school, 63 students participated in the event.

Science Achievements:
– Quiz: Category 1: First prize
– Quiz: Category 3: First prize
– Quiz: Category 4: Second prize
– Working Model: Category 2: First prize
– Working Model: Category 3: First prize
– Still Model: Category 4: First prize
– Still Model: Category 3: Second prize
– Project: Category 2: Second prize
– Project: Category 4: Second prize

IT Achievements:
– IT Project: Category 1: Second prize
– IT Project: Category 2: Second prize
– IT Project: Category 4: First prize

Maths Achievement:
– Still Model: Category 2: First prize

Overall Results:
– In Category 2, we secured the overall second prize.
– In Categories 3 and 4, we secured the overall third prize.

MES Campus School proudly emerged as the second runner-up in the fest, garnering a total of 296 points. This marked a remarkable achievement for our school in the Science Fest, showcasing our students’ dedication and excellence across various disciplines.

Chess tournament:

In the U12 state-level chess tournament organized by BRIO Chess Academy in Beypore, Calicut, Nazal Mohammed secured the 3rd position.

Independence Day
The school celebrated India’s 77th Independence Day with great enthusiasm and patriotic fervor.The event aimed to instil a sense of national pride among students while commemorating the historic day. School Principal, Mrs.Sunita Nair welcomed the gathering and shared Independence Day message. Mr Ramachandran (Retd.DYSP of Police), the Chief Guest of the day, hoisted the flag. A heartfelt speech was delivered by him. To uphold the values of democracy, diversity and equality three speeches were delivered by the students. In recognition of outstanding academic achievements, proficiency awards were distributed to the deserving students. The Violin performance of Anirudh R K of class VI made the event more colourful. The formal functions got over at 10 am with the vote of thanks by Mrs.Bindu K M, Vice Principal. Followed by that, Under 14 Football match was held in the school ground. A few programmes were conducted for the students of Primary section. The events created a patriotic atmosphere and a sense of pride among all.

Deepika colour India competition conducted on August 11th at MES Campus School, our children enthusiastically participated. From pre- primary to higher secondary level, around two hundred children participated. Pictures of district level winners will be published in “Kuttikalude Deepika”. The programme coordinated by Mr. Vinod P, Art instructor of campus school.

Class on Vedic Math _August 9:
A foundation class on Vedic mathematics was organized by Mathematics department. The class was taken by Aksharalakshmi, former student of MES Campus school. The class was really an informative one and the children enjoyed the secret of Mathematics.

Students’ Model UN:
On 5th and 6th of August, 12 students of Campus School participated in Students’ MUN second edition organised by Pee Vees Public School, Nilambur. Students were categorised into three committees: UN General Assembly, UN Security Council and UNICEF. Students were also allotted different countries and each committee has been a topic. There were discussions, debates and presentations in each committee. Campus school won the Overall Second Runner up trophy which was received from honourable MP Sri P V  Abdul Wahab.


class on healthy food
On 2nd August 2023, the Social Science club organised a class of healthy food for its members. The class was taken by Dr Krishnaprasad(RMO, Vishnu Ayurveda College, Kulapully). He spoke about food habits, healthy food etc.It was really a beneficial class for the youngsters.

Hiroshima – Nagasaki Day_August 6, 9:
On August 6 and 9, MES Campus School observed Hiroshima – Nagasaki Day to remember the lost souls who were tragically perished in the bombings. It serves as a poignant reminder of the immense destructive power of nuclear force and its potential to devastate the world. MES Campus School observed this day with various programs organized by the Department of Science. These programs included a short speech by Class XI students, poster making and chart work for students of Classes IV to VIII, an awareness rally for both students (Classes VI to XII) and the public, and a catchword writing competition for all students and staff. The day’s observance underscores the irony of sacrificing thousands to save thousands, highlighting the terrible destruction caused by war and emphasizing the imperative of world peace and harmony in the modern era.

‘Madhuram’, Payasam Day Celebration
MES Campus School Primary Montessori section celebrated ‘Madhuram’, Payasam Day Celebration on 02/08/2023, Wednesday. It was a delightful event where teachers and students came together to participate in various activities in making and enjoying payasam, a traditional Indian sweet dessert. The joyous atmosphere and the aroma of the sweet dish brought smiles to everyone’s faces, creating a positive and enjoyable experience for all.

World Scarf Day
On August 1, 2023, the Scouts and Guides Unit at MES Campus School came together to observe and celebrate World Scarf Day with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event was organized under the leadership of the Unit leaders, who played a pivotal role in making it a memorable and meaningful occasion.In a heartwarming gesture, the students, presented Principal Mam with a special scarf as a token of appreciation for her continuous support and leadership.

Bharat Scouts and Guides seminar
On July 30th, the Bharat Scouts and Guides Thirur district association organized a seminar at MSM Higher Secondary School in Kallingaparambu. The function was inaugurated by honourable MLA Sri. Kurukkoli Moideen. Representatives from MES Campus School Kuttippuram, including Mrs. Sheeja and Mrs. Smitha (Guide Captains), Mrs. Soumya and Mrs. Suma (Flock Leaders), and Mrs. Jisna and Mrs. Sree Vidya (Bunny Leaders), attended the event.

Honouring Miss.Aiswarya Padmadas(recipient of Marie Curie Fellowship)_JULY 27:
On 27th July 2023, MES Campus School, Kuttippuram, proudly honored Ms. Aiswarya Padmadas, a 25-year-old native of Kuttipuram, for her remarkable achievement as the recipient of the prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship for the year 2023 worth 60 crores from the European Union. After completing her M.Tech in Geotechnical Engineering from Delhi Technological University, she will conduct her Ph.D. research in soil dynamics across seven countries on three continents. This remarkable achievement is a source of pride for MES Campus School, Kuttipuram, and the entire community, as they congratulate Ms. Aiswarya Padmadas on this outstanding accomplishment and wish her the best in her future pursuits.

Colours day ‘SCARLET’_JULY 27:
Pre primary section of campus school celebrated SCARLET colours day in a vibrant manner.Principal. Mrs.Sunita Nair inaugurated the event. Scarlet was a vibrant and colourful program in order to make the students clearly aware about the world of colours.

M-SAT brochure release_July 26:
Malappuram Sahodaya Aptitude Test MSAT 2023 brochure released on 26th July 2023, Wednesday. Mrs Nirmala Chandran, Director, Bharatiya Vidyabhavan, Thirunnavaya released the brochure in the assembly. She explained the importance of such aptitude tests. School level M-SAT examination will be conducted on November 4,2023 and district level competition will be conducted on January 6,2024.

Visit toKelappaji Memorial Agricultural University, Thavanoor_ JULY 26:
The Social Science Club members visited Kelappaji Memorial Agricultural University, Thavanoor on July 26th 2023. The team consists of 35 students and 3 teachers. The professor and head instructional farm, Dr. Jabbar took a detailed class on new technologies implemented in the agricultural field. They demonstrated the method of seed planting, grafting and also visited the nursery. They also distributed seeds among the children. Under the guidance of Dr. Jabbar, the children planted saplings in the nursery.


Rain Day Celebration

The Pre-Primary Montessori celebrated Rain Day on 24th July 2023. Children dressed in rain gear gathered in the school ground for a joyful celebration. They sang, danced to music, and floated paper boats in the rainwater, making the monsoon festival a fun and memorable experience for everyone.

Visit to Varikkassery Mana & Tasrak:

Literary Club Section II conducted a study tour to Varikkassery Mana (Ottapalam)& Tasrak ( Palakkad). The Literary club members had the opportunity to perform a flash mob in front of the Mana, one of the oldest traditional aristocratic Namboothiri illam in Kerala. Later in the afternoon they visited
Thasrak, a village near Palakkad town, -The fabled land of Khasak, the setting of Malayalam novelist O V Vijayan’s masterpiece ‘Khasakkinte Ithihasam’ (The Legends Of Khasak). In connection with class X malayalam story ” Kadal Theerath”, the students got an opportunity to watch a documentary and also a beautiful photo gallery exhibiting O.V.Vijayan’s own illustrations and drawings, Njattupura and a beautiful seminar hall. The students also had the opportunity to witness the sculptures of all the characters of his story ,chiseled out of stone.The visit will indeed be a memorable one for all of us.

Investiture ceremony:

School Parliament investiture was held on 22/7/23( Saturday) . The function began with the prayer by school choir.Then School Principal Mrs Sunita Nair welcomed the chief guest ,Tavanur Panchayat President Mrs Naseera C P and all others into the function. Mrs Naseera CP spoke about the importance of elections and elected leaders in a democratic country like India. Oath was given by the Principal to School leader Mohammed Rishal T(XIB), which was followed by the oath taking of other leaders i.e., Deputy leader Amana Amber( XI A), Fine arts secretary Naifa KT( IX) , Student editor Ayisha Hawazin (IX) and General Captain Dhaveen Ahammed M(XIA) and class representatives of IV to XII. Then leaders were recognised with sach and badges by the chief guest, Joint secretary, Vice principal and HMs. The function was felicitated by Jb Ali TV( Joint secretary), Mrs Priya S Nair( HM, Primary) and Mrs Meera bai TS( HM, Pre primary). The programme was concluded with the vote of thanks by Mrs Bindu KM ( Vice principal)

Astro Quiz Competition

Malappuram Sahodaya organized an engaging Astro Quiz competition on Saturday, 22nd July 2023, held at Peace Public School in Kottakkal.

Category 3:
First prize: Fiza Mujeeb and Sreeram Giri of XI Science.

Category 2:

Third prize: Karthika R and Pranav S of  IX.

Anti Drug Campaign

MES Campus School Scout and Guides in association with Tavanur panchayyat and health department organized an awareness programme against drugs in the school premises on 20/7/23. Tavanur Panchayyat President Smt Naseera CP inaugurated the programme. Awareness and sticker distribution was done in the shops in the school premises. Panchayyat Vice president ,health inspector, school principal, Manager, teachers, and Scout and Guide students participated in the programme.

Chess Tournament 

On Thursday, 20th July 2023, Amrita Vidyalayam in Tanur hosted a Chess Tournament, in which 29 students from our Campus School actively participated. We are thrilled to announce that our school emerged victorious and clinched the prestigious OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy, showcasing the exceptional talent and dedication of our young chess enthusiasts.

The results for each category are as follows:

Under 10 Category:

Fourth Position: Fuad.K

Under 12 Category:

First Position: Nazal Muhammed. P. P
Eighth Position: Insha.P.P
Tenth Position: Deepanguran.P.P

Under 15 Category:

Fifth Position: Rithik.K
Sixth Position: Hari Govind S
Seventh Position: Sarang .T
Eighth Position: Abhinav.K
Tenth Position: Sreehari S Nair

International Moon day

Science club organized an interactive session with Sudheer alankode (Vice president of Sasthra Sahithya Parishath, Convener- Malappuram Amateur Astronomers Society) on July 19th in connection with moon day. The session was very much informative and fruitful. Students got a golden opportunity to interact with him and that enhanced their curiosity and enriched their knowledge.

River Parliament Programme

Friends of Baharatapuzha(FOB) organized a programme “River Parliament” on 16/7/2023, Saturday at Pattambi and a group of six students represented the school in the programme. Dr. Rajan Chungath(FOB) welcomed the gathering. Dr. E Sreedharan (President, FOB) explained the need of protecting Bharatapuzha. Vinod Nambiar(Secretary, FOB) explained about the various activities organized by FOB and the need of involvement of youth in protecting river Nila. Advocate Deepa(High Court of Kerala) highlighted the legal aspects of river protection and Dr. Preethi(NSS College, Ottappalam) explained the scientific methods to protect rivers. After that, river parliament was held and students of different colleges and schools actively participated in it. The students of our school submitted a report to FOB based on the research conducted by them on the protection of Bharatapuzha. The programme was really thought provoking and useful to the students.

Paper bag day
The Science Club took a small but impactful step towards a greener future. They conducted a hands-on training on paper bag making on National paper bag day. They generously donated paper bags to the school store, encouraging everyone to reduce their usage of harmful plastic bags. Together, we can make a difference and protect our environment for generations to come.

Visit to MES Engineering College, Kuttippuram

The energy club members visited MES Engineering College, Kuttippuram on July 5. Mr. Pramod Kumar, a National Level Solar Trainer and EMC Resource Person for the Government of Kerala, conducted a session at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. During the session, he introduced the children to the various facilities available in the EEE department. Moreover, he created awareness about solar energy and its numerous applications.


School Parliament election for the year 2023-24 was conducted on 05/07/23. Election notification was given on 20/06/23 and nominations were accepted till 23/06/23After scrutiny a list of candidates was published on 26/06/23. Around 12 students filed nomination papers for general posts such as School Leader (Head Boy), Deputy Leader (Head Girl), Fine Arts Secretary, Student Editor and General Captain. Students of the classes IV to XII filed nomination for class representative posts. On the day of election, first period was allotted to vote for class representatives and after collecting ballot boxes from each class voting for general posts started in the computer lab. At the same time Exit poll was also organized outside the lab. Polling was over by 12 noon and exit poll result was announced on the same day. Counting of votes was done only on 10/07/23 since the school was closed for two days due to heavy rain. After counting the result was announced. The following students were elected for the general posts:

School Leader : Mohammed Rishal. T (XI B)
Deputy Leader : Amana Amber (XI A)
Fine Arts Secretary : Naifa K T (IX B)
Student Editor : Ayisha Hawazin (IX A)
General Captain: Dhaveen Ahmmed (XI A)


The Parents’ Meet for Class 2 was held on 05/07/2023 at the School Library. The Primary HM, Priya S Nair welcomed the gathering. Parents had the opportunity to share their observations, concerns and asked questions about their child’s academic journey. Additionally, parents shared valuable insights and suggestions for improving the classroom environment. School Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair addressed the gathering and answered their queries. Overall, the first parents’ meet of Class 2 was productive and fostered a positive atmosphere for collaboration between parents and teachers.


The Department of Malayalam conducted various programmes on July 5 for commemorating the legendary writer Vaikom Muhammed Basheer. A mono Act based on Basheer’s first novel ‘Premalekhanam’ was prepared by the teachers and Shifna Rabin of IX A presented the item in front of assembly. A song introducing Basheer’s works was also presented in the assembly by a 10member junior team of school choir. A gallery consisting of Basheer’s character sketch and Quotes by various writers was arranged in the portico of Main block to create an awareness and interest among the students to read Basheer’s literature. Album preparation, Collage, Quiz (Category 1 (IV& V), Category 2 (VI& VII), Category3 (VIII, IX& X), and for entire IIIrd standard), Story tray, Reading Basheer’s ‘Pathummayude Adu ‘ were the other competitions conducted.

Eid celebration:

MES Campus School Kuttippuram celebrated Eid-Ul-Adha with varieties of programmes, Jb. Jabbarali A (MES state Secretary & Treasurer of MES Campus School) attended and participated in the Eid programme. The school conducted competitions for students like Mehandi designing, Islamic Song, Mappilappattu, Poster Designing, Origami & Quran Recitation. Attractive prizes were distributed to the winners. Primary Students and staff performed “Jil Jil Jil” Mega Oppana.“Eid Fest” from the Pre Primary section was also a mesmerizing one.

International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking (June-26)

Under the guidance of Counselling department, MES Campus School observed International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking on 26th June 2023 Monday. Special assembly was conducted, in which Neha Varrior of XII-B delivered a speech about the consequences of drug usage. A pledge was taken by all students and staffs against drug usage. Students displayed placards with slogan against drug use. The programme really helped the students to understand that how the usage of drugs adversely affect them, their family and the society. They also realized the importance of observing the anti-drug day.

Parents Meet of class 3:

The first parents meet of class 3 for the academic year 2023-24 was held on 24/06/2023, Saturday. The meeting began with speech from the Primary Headmistress, Priya S Nair. She provided overall details and recent developments regarding the school’s policies, curriculum, and upcoming events. Class teachers discussed students’ progress and engagements, while parents contributed ideas and expressed contentment with their children’s learning experiences. School Principal, Mrs Sunita Nair shared the details about the curriculum and school policies. Janab Ali TV, School Manager stressed about the importance of strong foundation in the lower classes. The gathering winded up with the official vote of thanks by Mrs. Rasheeda V.

Parents meet of class IV

The first parents’ meeting of class IV (2023-24) was conducted on 24/6/2023 at Primary AV Hall. The meeting started with the welcome address by Mrs. Smitha P , Class teacher of IVA. Class Teacher of IVB, Mrs. Surya Das.V and other subject teachers also introduced themselves and spoke about their subjects and the students’ performance. Mrs.Priya S Nair (HM,Primary), Mrs.Sunita Nair, School Principal, and Mr.Ali T V, Joint secretary also addressed the gathering.Parents also shared their views and suggestions regarding the academics and other areas.

Parents meet of Class 5:

The first parents meeting of class V (2023-24) was conducted on 21/6/2023 at Primary AV Hall. The meeting started at 3.20 pm with the silent prayer. Out of 50 students, 36 parents attended the meeting. Mrs. Shemi KV Class teacher of VA welcomed the gathering. She had given the necessary instructions to the parents to support their wards in studies and also given the details about the subject she is handling. Mrs. Priya S Nair (HM, Primary)had given more instructions regarding the duties assigned to the students, curricular and co- curricular activities of this academic year. Mrs.Anitha V, class Teacher of VB introduced herself and spoke her views regarding her subject and about the students. All subject teachers attended the meeting and shared their opinions. All parents got a chance to interact and clarify their queries.

School Principal Mrs.Sunita Nair summmerized the meeting by replying the queries raised by the parents. Mr.Ali TV, Joint secretary share his views and opinion. The meeting ended with the vote of thanks by Mrs.Anitha V at 5.15 pm.

Parents Meet of class 1:

The first parents meet for the academic year 2023-24 was held on 21/06/2023, Wednesday at 10:00 a.m. The gathering commenced with addresses from the school principal, Mrs. Sunitha Nair, and the Primary Headmistress, Priya S Nair. They shared general information and updates regarding the school’s policies, curriculum, and upcoming events.Class teachers discussed students’ performance and activities, while parents offered suggestions and expressed satisfaction with the classes. Overall, the meeting was productive, promoting open communication between parents and teachers.

World Music Day:

The school celebrated The world music day on June 21, 2023 Wednesday. The program led by the school choir started at 2.30 pm and was inaugurated by the school Principal. The event was conducted in the presence of the school Principal, school Manager, teachers and all students. The program turned to be a memorable event as It entertained the audience with a no. of songs sung by various students.

Book Fair

The Literary Club of MES Campus School, Kuttippuram organized the Mathrubhumi Book Fair in connection with the Reading Month Observation from 21/06/23 to 23/06/23. The event commenced with the inauguration by Miss Kavya Mambazhi, a budding writer, on 21/06/2023 at 9:30 a.m. The venue for the inauguration was the Pre-primary block.

International Yoga Day

The International Yoga Day celebration at MES Campus school were a resounding success. Sri. Sambhu Naboodiri graced the event as the chief guest. Senior students conducted a special assembly, followed by mass yoga presentation, yoga with music, meditation sessions, and yoga awareness classes. The School CCA Committee coordinated all programs, promoting awareness, unity, and well-being.

Mathematics club inauguration

Mathematics club members gathered in AV Hall, Primary block. Mrs.Shemi.K.V, TGT- Mathematics welcomed the gathering. Mr.Thomson Kumaranellur, Mathematics teacher GHSS Anakkara was the chief guest. He inaugurated Mathematics club with a Mathematical activity. Mrs Sunita Nair, Principal and Mr.Ali.T.V, Joint Secretary also addressed the gathering and thanked chief guest for his valuable presence. Thomson sir explained different Mathematical concepts with interesting activities. Students actively participated and learnt many Mathematical concepts. Class ended at 2:45 pm with vote of thanks by Mrs. Praseetha.V.S, HOD Mathematics.

Reading day

Campus school celebrated the National reading day with great enthusiasm. Smt.Habeeba Kumbidi,an upcoming writer and a teacher inaugurated the day .She explained the need of reading books and explained the contribution done by the legend.Shri.P.N..Panicker to the library movement. She released the manuscript magazine NATURE TALK done by the students on the occasion of Environment Day.Principal Of Campus school Mrs.Sunita Nair appreciated the students for their great involvement in all activities.

Awareness Seminar on “Addiction not a choice but a Trap”:

An Awareness Seminar on “Addiction not a choice but a Trap” was held on 17th June 2023 at the MES College of Engineering Auditorium. The seminar was taken by K.M. Baburaj, a Preventive Officer and Vimukthi Coordinator from the Excise Range Office, Ponnani. The seminar aimed to highlight that addiction is not a choice but a trap. The event provided valuable insights into the nature of addiction and emphasized the importance of prevention and support.

Toppers Meet at MES Campus School:

Toppers Meet 2023 was organized by MES Engineering Campus School, Kuttipuram at MES Engineering College Auditorium on Saturday, 17.06.23. The event aimed to honor students who achieved high success in classes 10 and 12. Smt. Sunita Nair, the School Principal, delivered the welcome address. Mr. Abdul Rahman PP chaired the event, with O.C.Salahuddin (Treasurer M.E.S. Kerala) delivering the keynote address. Dr. Anil Vallathol, former Vice Chancellor of Malayalam University, was the chief guest, and Kumari Nandita P, the NEET topper 2022 from AllMS, was the special guest. Ali TV (Manager, MES Campus School) and Abdul Hakim (SMC Member) congratulated the students. Students and parents from classes 10 and 12 expressed their thoughts in the reply speeches. The vote of thanks was given by Bindu K.M., the School Vice Principal.

The literary club (Secton Il) Inauguration
The literary club (Secton Il) CIELO was inaugurated by Mrs. Preethi PV, Senior Malayalam teacher.

Literary Club (Secton I) Inauguration

The Digital Inauguration of the Literary Club(Section l), was done by Mr.Shahimon, CCA coordinator.

Carrier Excellence

MES college of engineering campus school kuttippuram is extremely proud and delighted to share with you all that our notable alumnus Muhamed Sabeez.E. XII Batch 2017 -18has secured admission in Indian Institute of Management,Indore

Chess championship

Nazal Mohammed secured 4th position at the Che Guevara Youth Chess Festival, showcasing strategic thinking and tactical prowess. His achievement highlights his dedication and serves as an inspiration to aspiring chess players.

Carrier 360 ranking

MES College Of Engineering Campus School has been rated as one of the best schools in India under the Day School category for the academic year 2022-2023. The school’s outstanding academic performance, high-quality faculty, and well-maintained infrastructure contributed to its excellent rating.


Under the initiative of Dept. English, MES Campus school has observed the world day against child labour. A speech on evils of child labour was presented in the assembly by Shifna of class 9. An impressive role-play was presented in the assembly in order to create awareness on poverty and the hazards of working in cracker factories, bangle making factories etc. Primary section has observed this day by creating awareness through speeches and slogans. A signature campaign was organized in the portico to empower the children.

An introductory meeting of class XI Science & Commerce was conducted on 12 June 2023 at A.V. HALL. The meeting started with the welcome address by Vice Principal Mrs.Bindu.K.M. She congratulated the students of Class XI for their outstanding performance in Class X Board examination. Next the School Principal Mrs. Sunita Nair addressed the gathering. She highlighted the importance of opting suitable stream. The important points she stressed upon are as follows: Parents are expected to inculcate values like punctuality and discipline in their ward. The daily progress of children must be observed. Parents can visit the school and enquire the ward’s progress. Mobile gadgets are deviating the attention of students. Usage must be limited. Unnecessary leaves can be avoided. It is compulsory to bring the diary daily to school. Speaking English inside the campus is mandatory. Utilise the resources of the school effectively. Take part in co-curricular activities for the overall development. Counselling services are available in school. Needy children must utilize it. Students are expected to bring Vegetarian food only. Library has to be utilized effectively. All the subject teachers elaborated about the syllabus and the mode of studies they are expecting from the students. Then Jb. Ali T.V , Manager of Campus School talked on the need of quality education, legacy of school, need of entrance based of tuition to the students of Science stream. Then there was an interactive session with the parents conducted. Parents of Devashish, Rueben Sebastian and Thanha Shaheen requested the school to provide the service of the Counsellors to the students as the student’s on screen time is really high. Principal madam replied that the Counselling will be provided to the needy only with consent of the parents. The meeting ended at 12.20 pm with the Vote of thanks by Secondary HM, Mrs. Praseetha VS.

Pre-primary Montessori –  Freshers’ Day

On June 7, 2023, the Pre-primary Montessori section celebrated Freshers’ Day with great enthusiasm. The Montessori section was beautifully decorated for the occasion. Teachers and senior students warmly welcomed the juniors, dressed in vibrant costumes resembling sunflowers, butterflies, and cheerleaders.As a welcome gift, each junior student was given badges and a gift box.Toffees were distributed and a butterfly photo corner was set up, where individual photos of the children were taken.

Overall, the Freshers’ Day celebration was a delightful event that brought smiles to the faces of the young students.


Social Science department of MES CEC SS School has organized various programmes on 7/6/2023 in connection with World Food Safety Day. In the assembly Karthika of class IX delivered a speech on the importance of food safety and Ayisha Hawazin of class IX explained the general rules prescribed by WHO for food safety. Students also prepared charts which displayed the importance of the day. On 8/6/2023, a class by Food Safety Officer Thavanur region, Mrs Deepthi U M was organized. The class was conducted in primary AV Hall at 11 am and around 80 students of the classes IX and X participated. Mrs Deepthi spoke about various adulterants used and she made aware of the children about the danger of using synthetic colours in food materials and the presence of pesticides and insecticides in fruits and vegetables. She asked children to start cultivating fresh vegetables at their home. She also pointed out the false information regarding plastic rice and plastic egg. 
After the class children were shown how the adulterants can be found out using different methods in their mobile laboratory by the experts

Parents Meet (Pre-Primary-Juniors):

A parents’ meet was conducted for parents of Pre Primary Juniors on 03.06.2023 at 10.15 a. m. The meeting starts with the prayer. Pre Primary HM Mrs.Meerabai welcomed the gathering. She introduced the Montessori system of education to the parents. Principal Mrs.Sunita Nair addressed the meeting. Joint Secretary, Mr.Ali talk about the need for quality education and detailed the infrastructure of the school. Then the teachers and parents introduced themselves. Parents clarified their doubts.

Sugama Hindi Pariksha Puraskar

Sugama Hindi Pariksha Puraskar Vitharan Samaroh was conducted on 3/6/2023 at Markazul Uloom English School,Kondotty.The following students were awarded gold medal and certificate for their outstanding performance in the examination.
1.Pranav.S.Nair Grade VIII
2.Rishan Sherikh  Grade V

Reopening Day

MES Campus School reopened on June 1, 2023. The school has welcomed the students after the summer vacation in a colorful way by decorating the entire campus. In primary section the students were welcomed with a welcome song with ‘sweets and gifts’.

A special assembly was conducted in each section . In secondary section the assembly began with a welcome song by the school choir and the students were addressed by the principal Mrs. Sunita Nair. Students were enjoyed the first day of their new academic year with much happiness and enthusiasm.

Malappuram Sahodaya CBSE toppers meet report
CBSE toppers meet and Excellence award distribution was conducted at Sree Valluvanad Vidyabhavan, Perinthalmanna on 27/05/2023. Total 26 students from X and XII participated and received awards for their best performance in AISSE and AISSCE exams.Fiza Mujeeb and Niveditha Shanoj (AISSE)received merit awards for scoring 100 marks in Malayalam .18 students( AISSE) and 6 students (AISSCE) received awards for scoring 90% and above .The following students received awards in Subject topper category.
1.Arjun .S.Nair(Economics and Accountancy)
2.Mohammed Salsabeel.U.V(Computer Science)

Teacher Training Programmes

As a part of preparing teachers for the new academic year the school organized various training programmes in the month of May. On 22nd May 2023, Monday, a training Programme was organized for teachers on the topic “Quintessential qualities of a teacher’. Dr. Siju Thottappilly, International trainer was the resource person. Through activities he communicated the topic and the session was very interesting.
Another training session was organized for teachers on 23rd May 2023, Tuesday on the topic “Art of teaching”. Dr. Sudhakaran Kallias (Psychologist, International Trainer) was the resource person. The session was really thought provoking.
To make the teachers aware about ‘POCSO and Child Rights’ an awareness programme was organized on 26 May 2023, Friday. Mrs Deepa Divakaran, Counsellor, Women and Child Development Dept. , Malappuram was the resource person. The session was very informative.

STEM innovation Olympiad:STEM innovation olympiad by Silverzone foundation was conducted under the auspices of science department on 6th January 2023.14 students participated from 6th, 7th and 8th classes.Out of this, Ahmed Shabhan Hurair of class 7 got first rank and Ahmed Nabhan Hurair of class 7 got second rank in school level.And Karthika of class 8 got first rank and Pranav S Nair got second rank. They bagged the gold and silver medals respectively.All the participants were awarded by participation certificates.

Achievement in chess tournament

Master . Gautham Sankar has secured the coveted International fide rating 1102 based on his exemplary performance in Fide International chess tournament held at Ernakulam.

Boot camp organized by PNT Academy

PNT Academy had organized a five days(22/05/23 to 26/05/23) Boot camp for the students from class 4 to 10. Students participated in the class very actively and enthusiastically. They had organized a competition on the last day and the the winners were:

First prize- Adarsh Aneesh

Second prize-Mikail Benhar & Gautham.

Third prize- Muhammed nashwan.

Fourth prize- Faud K & Fida K

Fifth prize- Ahmed Shabhan

Sixth prize- Abhinav Prasad

As a reward,the winners will get a relaxation of Rs 500 from the total fee of Rs 5000 for the 15 days Boot camp to be organised in the month of June.

AISSCE and AISSE Result-2023

The school secured cent percent result in AISSCE -2023 and AISSE -2023. 25 students appeared for AISSCE and out of that 22 students secured distinction and 3 students scored high first class. Abhijith Sreegith Krishna topped the Science stream with 94.6% marks and Arjun S Nair became the topper in Commerce stream with 94%marks.Adheena K bagged the first position inAISSE with 96.6%marks.

Staff tour 2022 – 2023

The staff tour of the academic year 2022–’23 was conducted on 17/05/2023 to Idukki. It was a 3 day trip. 33 staff participated .The joyful staff visited Ramakalmedu and Idukki. The refreshing journey brought lots of nostalgic moments in to their minds . It was a joyful experience with lots of memories to keep.

Training program for teachers under Bharat scouts and Guides

District Bharat Scouts and Guides conducted Guide Captain basic course from 2/5 /23 to 8/5/23 at MET School Kolamangalam .Mrs.Sheeja and Mrs.Smitha attended the training of Scouts and Guides.
Mrs Suma MB and Soumia KV attended the basic course training for flock leaders(2/5/23 to 6/5/23).
Mrs Jisna and Mrs Srividya P attended the basic course training for bunnies(2/5/23 to 6/5/23).
All of them successfully completed the course and certificates.

Annual Examination 2022 – 23

Annual examinations of the classes  IV to VIII for the academic year 2022-23 were started on 7/3/23. As usual it was conducted as per the date sheet prepared by the MES Education Board, Kerala. Question papers were also sent by the MES Education Board. The last examination of these classes was on 30/3/23. One of the days of examination an observer appointed by the MES Education Board also visited the school to evaluate the examination procedure.

Annual examinations of classes IX and XI were conducted from 13/3/23 to 24/3/23. Practical examinations of class IX were also conducted from 25/3/23 to 28/3/23.

The school was also a centre of CBSE examinations of classes X and XII. Nearly 195 students of class X and 70 students of class XII from various schools wrote board examinations in the school.

School closed on 30/03/2023 for summer vacation.

Releasing of School Magazine

Annual School Magazine ‘Creative Express ‘ was released on 30/3/2023 by school Principal Mrs. Sunita Nair. Student Editor, Devadutt S Krishna was awarded trophy for being the winner in coverpage designing contest.

A visit to ‘Snehalayam’

As a gesture of goodwill, the House of Montessori Children  of MES Campus School made a contribution of vegetables to the Snehalayam trust( Padinjarangadi) on 21/03/2023.. The children interacted with the differently-abled people and orphans and learned about their lives and experiences.The visit  was an enriching experience for the Montessori children. The children learned about the importance of community service and the value of sharing with those in need.

National Science Day

MES Campus School observed National Science Day to make awareness about the new inventions and scope of studying science in the present world. An exhibition organised for students. Students participated in various activities like poster making, debates, PowerPoint Presentation and video making competitions. Our former student, Sreenath S Das (Executive engineer, ONGC) conveyed his wishes through a short speech.


The campus school celebrated International women’s day in a very fruitful manner. The day mainly aims to draw attention to the issues faced by women and also to celebrate the achievements of women globally. The students presented various programmes.Campus school students were lucky enough to hear valuable messages from two eminent personalities _ Mrs.Amal Fermis and Mrs. Mini Brijesh.

Mrs.Amal Fermis is a perfect example how a lady can rise above narrow prejudices of society. She is a wonderful teacher, an enthusiastic blogger, a voracious reader and a god gifted literary figure especially in Middle East. She urged the students about the need of financial independence.

Mrs.Mini Brijesh is a successful woman entrepreneur, recipient of outstanding women achiever award by JCI 2021 and Red FM SHAKTI AWARD 2022. Through her message, she inspired the children to exploit our potential maximum and the need of self-esteem. Mrs.Mini Brijesh: Mrs.Amal Fermis:


Malappuram Sahodaya Aptitude Test

Malappuram Sahodaya aptitude test school level conducted on November 5, 2022 in MES Campus School. Out of this 56 students qualified for the district level examination conducted on 28 January, 2023. Ahammed Naban Hurair (class VII) and Krishna S (+1 Commerce) secured the first rank, Neha Varrier (+1 Commerce) secured the second rank , Nandana Menon (+1 Commerce) and Karthika. R ( class VIII) secured the third rank. These children received the cash prize , momento , medals and certificates from K Abdul Latheef ( Joint commissioner, Kerala GST Department) on 18th February, 2023 at Peace Public school, Kottakkal.

Prathibha Hindi Scholarship Award ceremony

Prathibha Hindi Scholarship Award Ceremony was held on February 10, 2023 ( Friday)  at V J T Hall, Palayam(Thiruvananthapuram). Honourable Education Minister Mr. K. Sivankutty awarded the rank holders. 4 children from MES Campus School received cash award, medals and certificates and also were awarded the Prathibha Milan Puraskar.

Awareness class on Drugs and The Cyber World
MES campus School organised an awareness class ‘Drugs and The Cyber World’ for students of class IV to XII on 08/02/2023, Wednesday at MES College auditorium. The session was handled by Rangeesh Kadavath, Kerala Police. The session was very effective and informative which helps the children to understand the adverse effects of drugs and the risks and challenges of cyber world.

Orientation class on How to face Board exams
MES Campus School organised an orientation class ‘How to face Board exams’ for classes X and Xll on 31/01/2023, Tuesday from 9 am to 4 pm. The session was handled by Sri. AG Kannan (Director, High AIMS Motivation Centre, Kozhikode). He suggested some techniques to learn different things easily. The session helped the students to prepare for the board exams, stress free.

Matryr’s day

MES Campus School observed Matryr’s day on January 30, 2023. Gandhiji’s favourite bhajan “Vaishnavo lanto” was included in the morning prayer. 2 minutes silent prayer was observed at 11 am to commemorate Gandhiji’s death anniversary. Anti leprosy pledge was taken by all the students

Republic Day Celebration

MES Campus School celebrated Indian Republic Day with much pride and enthusiasm.  Sri. Padmanabhan P, Ex. Junior Warrant Officer, Indian Airforce was the Chief Guest of the day.He enlightened the students with his inspiring talk.An amount of money was contributed to Kumbidi Pain and Paliative coordinators on the occasion.Various CCA class activities like Musical programmes, Karate Display, Street theatre by School Scouts and Guides, Yoga performance, Band display, Art Expo, Hula Hoop Dance etc. were exhibited.

Study Tour

As part of the study tour, the Pre-primary Montessori classes of MES Campus School visited Ponnani Fire and Rescue Station, Ponnani Harbour and Biyyam Park on 20th January 2023.  The firemen demonstrated in detail how fire and rescue operations are conducted. Visiting harbour was a good experience for children.

Chess Tournament
Mullaveettil AZIZ Memorial Chess tournament was conducted at Co- operative College, Parappanangadi on 22/01/2023 (Sunday). 57 students from MES Campus School participated and we won the Overall Championship.

MES Campus School observed Indian Army Day with varieties of programmes through online to make the children aware of the the sacrifices done by the army personnel for the sake of our nation. The students from class I to IX prepared videos which depicted the strength, capacity, duties and responsibility of army people.

Study Tour to Mathrubhumi

A Study tour  organised for students  to Mathrubhumi, Kottakkal to learn about the print media. This was an integrated programme of Literary Club with Social Science Department. The students of class 10 and literary club members were participated in the study tour. It was very fruitful for the students.

National Youth Day

MES campus School celebrated National Youth Day on 12 January, 2023 with varieties of programmes in the morning assembly. The Programmes motivated the students to focus on the values of Swami Vivekananda. A Quiz program was also conducted on the topic ‘Swami Vivekananda’.

Visit to PNB
Energy Club of MES Campus School organized a visit to Punjab National Bank (Thrikkannapuram Branch) on 11th Wednesday, 2023. They got a chance to interact with the employees of the bank. Mr. Ajay (Bank employee) explained the functioning of bank such as how to open an account, deposit money and other banking procedures. Also students got a chance to see the locker facilities and burglar’s Alarm set in the bank. The visit was really an enriching experience for the children.

Filial Piety
Pre Primary Montessori Section celebrated Montessori Day ‘Filial Piety’ on 07/01/2023 in a grand manner. The students honoured the parents with handmade greeting cards to instill good attitude towards them. The children performed several cultural programmes. The Chief Guest Dr. Riyas (Paediatrician, Edappal Hospital) inaugurated the programme and he spoke about good parenting.

A colourful kidsfest, ‘Khayal’ was conducted in connection with the Montessori day on 05/01/23 and 06/01/23, which showcased the various talents of the children.

Urjja Kiran
In connection with Energy Conservation Month, Energy Club of MES Campus School has conducted an awareness programme “Urjja Kiran”on 4th January 2023. The session was led by Mr.Pramodh Kumar (National level solar trainer, EMC Resource person, Faculty of EEE Dept. MES Engineering college Kuttippuram). The session was mainly on the conservation of energy and the various techniques for energy conservation which can be practiced in our houses. The class was very effective and the students actively participated in the discussion. Students cleared many of their queries and enjoyed the class.

MES Campus school in association with Codde Robo Robotics Pvt. Ltd. conducted Robotics expo “Technophilia” on Januray 4, 2023(Wednesday). Dr. Nafeesa K, HOD, Dept. of Electrical and Electronics, MES College of Engineering was the Chief guest of the programme. She inaugurated the event and enlightened students with her inspirational words. Mr. Rajaneesh, CEO. Codde Robo Robotics Pvt. Ltd. was the special guest of the programme. He also addressed the gathering with his motivational words. Robotics Club members of class IV to X were divided into groups and they presented different projects.Students of class IV to IX created games with Scratch, Website on the topic CCA Activities” using HTML, Image editing using Photoshop, PowerPoint présentation on the topic “Emerging Technology and Project on Dream Al.

One Day Camp

BHARAT SCOUTS AND GUIDES  unit of MES Campus School conducted one day camp & WATER REGATTA on 02/01/2023, Monday. Scout District Commissioner (Tirur), Mr.Balakrishnan, Assistant Scout district organizing commissioner (Kuttippuram), Mr. Muhammed Ameen and Kuttippuram Rovers RSL Mr. Vajid Rahman led the camp. Children enjoyed the day very well.

Christmas Celebration
MES Campus School celebrated Christmas on December 23, Friday in the most colourful way. The children decorated Christmas tree and they were made Cribs and adorned them with stars and lights.

Nilayora Yathra
A study tour ‘Nilayora Yatra’ Exploring the legacy of Nila river, was taken up by a team of students and teachers of MES campus School on 23/12/2022 lead by eminent personality Dr. Rajan Chungath. We visited Parayipetta Pantirukulam, Kavalapara palace, Vayilakunnilappan, Rayiranellur, Pakanar, Vaduthala Nair, Naripatta Mana and Vemancheri Mana.
It was informative and interesting trip for students and teachers. Dr. Rajan Chungath shared immense knowledge on our culture and heritage to children. Children showed immense interest and appreciated it as wonderful study trip.


In connection with National Mathematics day ( 22nd December, 2022) MES Campus School arranged special programmes in the assembly. Mr.Gokul Balachandran, Associate Engineer, Virtusa (Alumnus MES Campus School) was the Chief guest. A book, ‘PHILOMATH ‘prepared by Department of Mathematics was released in the assembly by the Chief guest. Mathematics quiz was also conducted for the children.

MES Campus School organized the academic tour of classes 6 and 7 on 19th and 20th of December, 2022 to Wayanad. The team of 40 students from class 6, 51 students from class 7 and 10 teachers joined in the tour. The Students visited Pookode lake, Banasura Sagar, Meenmutti Waterfalls and Kuruva Island. Children enjoyed thoroughly and the tour gave a wonderful memories to all the children.

International Arabic Day

In connection with international Arabic Language Day, MES Campus School  conducted different programmes. A special Arabic Assembly organised at school in Primary and Secondary section. The children participated in different programmes like  Digital painting, Arabic Quiz, Word fight etc.

MES Campus School organized the academic tour of classes 8 and 9 on 15, 16, and 17 of December, 2022 to Mysore and Coorg. The team of 28 students from class 9, 42 students from class 8 and 9 teachers joined in the tour.Children enjoyed thoroughly and the tour gave a wonderful memories to all the children.

Academic Tour 2022 – ’23
Academic tour for class IV and V was conducted with all joy and enthusiasm. 88 students of class IV and V visited Snow Storm, Silver Storm and Thumburmuzhi Dam on 17/12/2022, Saturday.

Primary Montessori Annual Sports Meet ATHLOS ” 22

MES Campus School Primary Montessori section conducted the Annual Sports Meet ATHLOS ” 22 on 16th December, Friday. The Sports Meet was open by uplifting a bunch of white balloons which represents the innocent and above souls of young minds who participte in ATHLOS “22. The Sports events are crowned with an energetic mass drill and aerobics.

Master Nazal Muhammad
He secured the International FIDE rating in chess. ( FIDE ID.33495203). The youngest FIDE rated player of Malappuram District.


MES Campus School  participated in MES  Football Tournament held at MES RAJA Residential School, Chathamangalam, Calicut on 9th & 10th of December. Campus School  participated in two categories (Under -14 & Under -17). Under – 17 team secured fourth position in the tournament.

MES Campus School conducted various programmes in connection with Human Rights Day. A special board was arranged in Primary section to write slogans. Students of IV and V were given chances to create innovative slogans. E poster making competition was arranged among the students of UP section and HS sections. The Students presented inspiring speeches in the assembly.

Pre Primary Annual Sports Meet- UMANG 2022
MES Campus School Pre Primary Montessori section conducted the Annual Sports Meet ” UMANG ” 2022 on 9th December, Friday. March past and Mass drill were the attractive part of this meet. All the children participated energetically in all the events.

Fun Math Course
In collaboration with Fun Miyo Company MES College of Engineering Campus School launched Fun Math Course in the School on 07-12-2022. Main purpose of this course is to improve basic Mathematics skills among children. Classes are conducting weekly two days (Wednesdays and Fridays) from 4pm to 5pm. 21 selected students from classes IV to VII are attending the course. Students are actively participating and clearing their doubts in a fantastic manner.

Career Development Program on Digital marketing and Business development
A career development program on digital marketing and business development was conducted on 07 12 2022 by Lebin.KS, Founder of ‘Thrive digital marketing’, Business development head of “Haris and Co, Digital marketing and business development consultant Beeka ads Kochi”. The class provided information on future careers, how to excel the skill in the coming days, how to choose a career etc.

NAVY DAY was celebrated on 4th December. Students prepared video and made PPT presentations. A speech was delivered in the morning assembly regarding the importance of celebrating Navy day.

Music Event – “Coming Together”

MES Campus School organized a Music event “Coming Together”  on  December 3, 2022 at ILA Charitable Trust, Kuttippuram by the dazzling singers of MES Campus School to entertain people who are in need of special care and support. The audience enjoyed the programme and the students felt very contented.

MES CBSE School Athletic Meet 2022-23

MES Campus School participated in 15th all Kerala MES CBSE School Athletic Meet 2022-23 on 2nd and 3rd December ,2022, which was held at Rajiv Gandhi Municipal Stadium, Tirur . We secured 8 th position with one gold medal,five silver medals  and two bronze medals.  All the students have tried their level best to achieve those medals.

World AIDS Day
To commemorate World AIDS Day on 1st December, various awareness programmes were organized. In association with Thavanur Panchayath, a Road Rally from the school to Thrikkanapuram junction was organized. The rally was flagged off by the Medical officer Dr. Vijith Vijay Shankar. All the students from classes IV to XII, teachers, health workers and members of Thavanur Panchayath participated in the rally. Students prepared placards, banners, flags etc. to make the people aware about the need to support the people living with and affected by HIV and to remember those who lost their lives to AIDS.

Annual Sports Meet 2022-23

MES Campus School conducted Annual Sports Meet 2022-23 on 23 and 24 of November, 2022. Master Muhammad Bazil, who represented Kerala Junior Athletic Meet 2021, was the chief guest of the day . Prabha house were the winners  and Kalpa house,  Patanga house  and  Sakksham  house secured  second, third and fourth position respectively. Students  participated well and the energy they showed through out the meet was amazing.

CBSE State Kalotsav
Few Students of MES Campus School Participated in CBSE state Kalotsav 2022. The Kalotsav held at Carmel CMI Public School Vazhakkulam, Muvattupuzha on November 24,25,26 & 27. 15 students participated from MES Campus School Kuttippuram. MES Campus School Kuttipuram secured 59th position out of 633 schools in Kerala with 79 points.

Sugama Hindi Examination – 2022

Sugama Hindi Exam organised by Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha was conducted on 26 th November, 2022. 112 students participated in the exam from IV to IX. Two students  has secured Second Rank (Rishan Sherikh, Std: V and Pranav S Nair, Std: VIII). 7students secured A1Grade and 10 students secured A2 Grade.


Malappuram Sahodaya School Complex organized English Fest “LINGUA FANTA-2K22” at Sacred Heart Senior Secondary School, Kottakkal on 19/11/2022. MES Campus School has participated in all the categories and became the Overall Champion of English fest 2022. It was a great experience for the students.

MES State Arts Fest
MES Campus School Participated in MES State Arts Fest held at MES School Puthanathani on November 18 & 19. MES Campus School Kuttipuram secured the Second Runner up trophy in MES State Arts Fest 2022-23 with 942 Points.


CBSE training on Financial Literacy
MES Campus School organised a CBSE training on Financial Literacy for teachers on 18th November 2022. Teachers from Floreat International School, Amritha Vidyalayam, Irshad English school , Navabharath Central school and MES Campus School participated in the session. The trainer explained the need of financial literacy for teachers and introduced different schemes for savings. As the topic was quite new for teachers and the session was interesting and useful.

The Collective Exhibition
The Pre Primary Montessori section, MES Campus School conducted an exhibition “The collective exhibition” on 15/11/2022( Tuesday). The varieties of items like motor show, animal planet, vegan, fruit basket, heritage, craft villa, taste of sun shine etc. were exhibited. Students enjoyed learning through exhibition .

Children’s Day Celebration
MES Campus School celebrated children’s day with great enthusiasm. A special assembly was conducted by the teachers. Children and teachers brought different ingredients to make ‘Kerala ladoo’. Students and teachers made the special sweet together and distributed to the whole school with great happiness. A doodle art session was conducted for the students. Each and every student made their participation in this creative venture.

Sahodaya Science Fest ‘Scigalaxy’ 2022
Malappuram Sahodaya organized Science Fest- ‘Scigalaxy’ on 12 November, 2022 at Peace Public school, Kottakkal. 64 students participated in various items. MES Campus School bagged the first runner up trophy.

Sahodaya Chess Tournament
Malappram Sahodaya conducted Chess tournament at Aura Global Public School, Perinthalmanna on 4/11/22 (Friday). 46 students from our Campus School participated and we lifted up the OVER ALL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy.

Keralappiravi Celebration 2022
MES Campus School organised various programmes to celebrate Keralappiravi. A special assembly was conducted. A special game was also arranged for students to boost Malayalam language skills.

Rashtriya Ekta Diwas & Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas
MES Campus School observed Rashtriya Ekta Diwas in the memory of iron women Indhira Gandhi & Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas in the memory of iron man Sardar Vallabhai Patel on October 31 Monday. Some programs like Pledge taking, poster designing, poster exhibition, documentary presentation, group discussion and Quiz were conducted for students.

UNITED NATIONS DAY was celebrated on 24th oct . The students prepared videos, PPT and Slides regarding UN Day. Students prepared posters, and a speech was also delivered in the assembly.

World Students’ Day
In connection with World Students’ Day on 15 Oct 2022, various programmes were organized in the school assembly. A video making competition on the topic “My vision for India” was organized class wise, the best videos were selected from each category and prizes were distributed.


The school observed world Heart Day on September 29 2022 with varieties of programme. A message was delivered through online class whatsapp groups by the alumnus of Campus School, Miss. Henna,a graduate in Nutrition and Dietetics regarding the ways to protect the heart. Posters were designed by students of different classes and displayed in notice boards.


MES Campus School observed World Alzhemer’s day on September 21, 2022 with varieties of programme. A message was delivered through online class Whatsapp groups. Students prepared different posters in connection with this day.

Training Programme for School Quiz Team

MES Campus School organized one day training programme for the school quiz team members on September 15, 2022. Mr. Mridul M Mahesh ( Kerala co- ordinator, International Quizzing Association, Asia) and Mr. Mohammed Faheem were the resource persons for the program. By this program, students have got a great opportunity to practice a trivia quiz and to build confidence in them to face any competition .

Inspire ’22

Malappuram Sahodaya Senior Secondary Teachers’ Subject Training Workshop was held in MES Campus School on 24/09/2022, Saturday. The inauguration was done by Mr. Abdul Nasser, Chief Patron of Malappuram Sahodaya. All subject teachers of senior secondary section from various schools attended the program. For Economics ( Mini.G ) the resource person was from Campus School.


MES Campus School conducted the School Arts Fest, ‘THOURYATHRIKAM 2K22’ on 19/09/2022 and 20/09/2022. The Programme was inaugurated by Singer Miss. Fathima Anshi. School Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair did the Presidential speech. Miss. Nandita (NEET UG Topper) was honoured on the inaugural function. 334 students participated in various items. The four houses competed with all spirit (SAKSHAM, PATAMGA, KALPA & PRABHA). The Judges were very efficient and experienced teachers. SAKSHAM house got  the Winners trophy and PATAMGA house were the runner up.

Hindi Diwas

MES Campus School Celebrated Hindi Diwas on September 14, 2022. Children  participated programmes like Speech and song. A Quiz competition also was conducted for children.

Onam Celebration 2022

MES Campus School celebrated onam on 6 September 2022 in fantastic way. The portico of the school was beautifully decorated with festoon. Varieties of cultural programmes were organized for the students which exhibited the cultural heritage of our state, Kerala. A music fest (Ganolsavam) was exhibited by talented buds of MES Campus School. A delicious feast was arranged by the school in the afternoon. The school  invited the neighbouring communities to be a part of the celebration.The Nasik Dhol- a drum feast was  organized to make celebration more cheerful and all the students and staff members enjoyed very much.

Annual Academic Inspection

Academic Inspection by MES Education Board was conducted on 30 August 2022 (Tuesday). A team of 14 members visited the school and assessed the functioning of the school.

Study Tour 2022-23

Mes Campus school  organised  one day trip to Marine World  Public Aquarium, Chavakad on 17 th August, 2022 for the Primary Montessori children.  The aim of the trip was to  give an awareness about  Marine fishes. The trip was very fruitful and they enjoyed thoroughly.


MES Campus School celebrated the 76th Independence Day with much pride and enthusiasm. Special guest of the day, Sri K. P Vasu( Retired Sub inspector of police) enlightened the students with his talk . Children participated  in various programmes like  speech, patriotic song, drawing and colouring etc.  Montessori children dressed up like national leaders.

Investiture Ceremony and Toppers’ Meet 2022
MES Campus School organized Investiture Ceremony and Toppers’ Meet 2022 on 12/08/2022 at 10:30 am to honour the school toppers and subject toppers of AISSCE and AISSE examination 2022. Jb. OC Salavudheen (President, MES Malappuram) and Jb. KMD Mohammed (Secretary, MES School Education Board, Kerala) honoured the toppers.
Investiture ceremony of the School Parliament took place in the august presence of the Chief guest Smt. Naseera CP (President, Tavanur Panchayat).The elected leaders who took up their post and were honoured with sash and badged by the chief guest are
School leader: Sehabin PP
Deputy leader: Niranjana C
Fine arts secretary: Niranjan NA
Student editor: Devaduth S Krishna
General captain: Devansh S Nair

CBSE Toppers Meet
All subject toppers of AISSCE and AISSE examination 2022 were honoured by CBSE Sahodaya School Complex, Malappuram in a fantabulous program at St. Joseph Senior Secondary School, Puthanangadi on 06/08/2022. Sri. KP Ramanunni (Renowned writer and member Kerala Sahitya Academy) and Smt. MK Rafeekha (President, Malappuram District Panchayat) honoured the toppers with trophies.

Students’ MUN
MES Campus School participated in Students’ MUN conducted by Best Education Group, KSA and Peevees Public School,Nilambur on 6th and 7th August 2022. They were  assigned the representation of France, UK and USA. As the delegates they were given the opportunity to express their concerns on various issues in their respective assemblies. They prepared Draft Resolution on various issues. Mohammed Shahid C of XA received Special Mention award  and Hayfa Sabeer of XB and Sreedhar Hari of XI received High Commendation award.

We Celebrate Cent Percent Result

Campus School feels proud to present the Cent percent result of AISSE and AISSCE Examination of 2021- 2022.

Class X:   Out of 47 students appeared for the examination 43 secured distinction and 4 passed out with first class.

Class XII:   out of 20 students (Science and Commerce group) 18 secured distinction and 2 passed out with first class.

Abhin Jay.KM – topper in Class X with 98%.

Saran Krishna.KS – topper in Science stream with 93.4%.

Anamika.S – topper in Commerce stream with 91.8%.

2021 – 22 Class X Result 

2021 – 22 Class XII Result

National Reading Month

MES Campus  school is very much enthusiastic to create the habits of reading among the students by introducing the gems of literature to the younger minds . In connection with National Reading Month 2022 various programmes were arranged like quiz competition, book review,identify the character,celebrating poetry, invite a friend to read a book. Teachers gave messages related to the importance of reading books  in the assembly.

Colors day 

MES  campus school  celebrated Colors Day – REGENBOGEN on 02/08/22, Tuesday. Children  participated in the programmes like welcome dance, rainbow fairy dance , colors dance and action songs.Chilldren dressed as the rainbow colour code. The main attraction of the programme was the display of toys in rainbow colors.


MES College of Engineering Campus Senior Secondary School organized a motivational class for the classes 9th to +2 students on the 2nd of July 2022, Saturday from 09:00 am -01:00 pm for classes 9th and 10th and from 1:30 pm – 04:00 pm for classes +1 and +2 as two sessions.

The class was headed by Adv. Benny Kurian, famous leadership and communication empowerment coach. The class was given the title “Let’s Script Your Success”. He covered topics on attitude management. The ultimate goal of a motivational seminar was to change people profoundly on an emotional and/or mental level. He interacted with students and asked about their problems. He gave the solutions to those problems with his experience. Including staff and students, more than 60 people attended the session.The class also focused on making the students build positive ‘self-esteem ‘and discover their true potential. It covered the key elements required for a student to be successful in academics and later in life. This program helped students to be guided by a positive mind and self motivation.

Inspire ’22
A Mathematics teachers workshop was conducted on 23/07/2022 under banner of Malappuram Sahodaya.The meeting started with the welcome speech by MES Campus school Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair. Dr.Rahmathunza, Principal MES College of Engineering inaugurated the workshop. Joint Secretary Malappuram sahodaya Mrs.Shamla.U.Saleem addressed the gathering. Mrs. Preeti Nair[TGT Mathematics )MES Campus school was the resource person. 49 participants attended the workshop. Workshop ended at 3.30 pm. The workshop mainly covered the following areas.
• Rationalised Syllabus of IX and X (2022-23 CBSE Curriculum)
• Activities related with each topic.
• Portfolio
• Art integrated activities
. Importance of Basic Maths and related activities.
• Club year Plan and Mathematics Club activities.

Pickle and Salad exhibition
MES Campus school conducted Pickle and Salad exhibition ‘ Piquant’ on 22/07/2022. The event was inagurated by Principal Mrs. Sunitha Nair. Many parents visited the exhibition hall. It was a difference experience for the children to know about varieties of pickles and salads. Pickle sale was also one of the highlights of the exhibition. Parents contributed the money towards the charity.

MES State Chess tournament
MES State Chess tournament was conducted at MES Pavangad on Saturday. 12 schools were participated and we lifted up OVERALL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy.

Chess Tournament

A Chess tournament was conducted at Amritha Vidhyalaya, Tanur on 20/ 07/ 2022 , Wednesday. 20 students from our Campus school participated and we lifted up the OVER ALL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy.

In connection with Eid ul Adha (Bakreed) Arabic & Islamic Studies Department, MES Campus School conducted different competitions like Mehandi Fest, Mappilappattu, Quran Recitation, Pencil Drawing, Poster Making and Islamic Songs. All the competitions were conducted as 4 categories and variety gifts were distributed to all the winners.

Basheer Smrithi Dinam

Basheer Smrithi Dinam was observed on July 5, 2022 to commemorate the legendery writer Vaikom Muhammed Basheer on his 28 death anniversary. Children actively participated in the variety programmes like speech, caricature, skit, song etc. An exhibition on Basheer books also was arranged.


As a follow-up of the Puzha Yatra” conduted by the members on 15/6/2022, ‘Nilayanam’ a class by Dr. Rajan chungath (Vice-President, Friends of Bharatha Puzha) was organised on 29/6/2022. There was an amazing class by Dr. Rajan Chungath which was very informative and also kindled interest among the students to know the ways and means to protect the Nila River.

International day against drug abuse and Illicit trafficking

MES Campus school observed International day against drug abuse and Illicit trafficking to create awareness about the usages, over usages and side effects of drugs. Various programs like speech ,poster making and chart work were organised in connection with the day. Signature campaign (Say No To Drugs ) also was conducted for students and staffs. Signature campaign was inaugurated by Dr Saranya (BDS)and she addressed and a class was taken for the students.

Tour Report

A one day trip was organized to Ernamkulam on June 15, 2022 for students of 12th grade 2021-22 batch . Students were taken to visit Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary , Lulu Mall and Marine Drive .The aim of the trip was to provide pleasure and relaxation for the students after board exams and the school and the tour committee have succeeded in providing the same.

World Music Day

MES Campus School has celebrated World Music day by arranging a musical event in the School Portico on Tuesday, 21st June. The principal of our school, Mrs. Sunita Nair inaugurated the function. All the students and teachers enjoyed the musical performance with great thrill and enthusiasm. The performers enthralled the audience with their magical voice. It was a memorable moment for all. Really, after the pandemic, the event acted as a stress buster for everyone.

Mathematics Workshop

The Mathematics workshop was conducted for teachers handling Mathematics on 25 June 2022. The session was handled by Mr. Ragesh M.N and Mr. Aravind Pakaravoor (Co-founders of funmiyo, Edu tech Pvt Ltd). The workshop mainly focused on areas such as Experiential learning, CPA approach (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract approach) and Gamification in learning Mathematics. Principal, Mrs. Sunita nair inaugurated the session. 21 teachers attended the workshop. The workshop was very informative and helpful.

International Yoga day

International Yoga day was observed in the school with variety of programmes. Mass Yoga session was conducted for Senior Secondary and High School students. Cultural club organized Paper Bag making and Poster making on the theme-Yoga. Rhythmic Yoga session was given for primary students. Special programmes were conducted in the assembly to give awareness about Yoga.

World day to Combat Desertification and Drought

World day to combat desertification and drought was observed on June 17th 2022. To make awareness of this day students presented various programmes related to the day. A poster making competition was also conducted for students.

World Oceans day _ June 8

MES Campus School observed the World Oceans Day to make awareness about conserving ocean and its products in a sustainable manner. Various  Programmes like Short speech, poster making, chart work and PowerPoint Presentation were organised for students. All the students and teachers got an opportunity to watch the awareness  movie, “ONE OCEAN”.

World Environment day

The World Environment day was observed on 6 th June 2022 with the active participation of students through their variety programmes like PPT presentation,Collage making etc. Children planted saplings in the garden area . A workshop on paper pen making was arranged for students .The class was taken by Mr. Ramesh, a differently abled person. A week long observation of Environment day was concluded with the song, dedicating to our mother nature.

Reopening Day

The school reopened on 1st June for classes 1 to 12. Special programmes were arranged for welcoming the students to the new academic year 2022- ’23. Students of first standard were welcomed with a beautiful song by the students of class 4 and 5. The teachers put  attractive badges on their uniform. A beautiful photo corner was arranged in the corridor for the students. The popular News paper of Kerala, The Malayala Manorama covered all the programmes done in the primary section. The first day was really a memorable one in the minds of all.

Report on Sugama Hindi Examination

Sugama Hindi Exam organised by Kerala Hindi Prachar Sabha was conducted on 18 th January. 117 students participated in the exam from IV to IX. 5 students secured full marks. 30 students secured A1Grade. 18 students secured A2, 16 students secured B1,12 students secured B2,18 students secured C2 Grade.


International Women’s Day – March 8

MES Campus  School observed International Women’s Day on March 8. Special assembly was conducted by the students. Message was given to the students by Mrs. Anupama IAS, (Director-Scheduled Tribe Development Department and Women and Child Development Department) and Mrs. Soonaja Ajith. The video was uploaded in the School YouTube channel and also presented in each classroom. The students of class  VI to VIII were given a class by the doctors of Ayurgreen Ayurvedic hospital, Edapal.  It was very effective.


Report on External examination (Thalir Scholarship)

Kerala State Institute of children’s Literature conducted Thalir scholarship examination for two categories, Junior (Class V, VI and VII) on 18/ 02/22 and Senior (Class VIII, IX and X) on 15/02/22 through online mode. Total 40 students participated in the examination. The following students secured cash prizes.


Category B winners with cash prize of Rs 500 scholarship are

Devika P (VIII), Adarsh Hareesh (IX) and Abinav Saboo(VIII)


Category A winners with cash prize of Rs 1000 scholarship are

Pranav S Nair (VII) and Madhav Sasidharan (VII)

Category B winners with cash prize of Rs 500 scholarship are

Ridha Fathima (VI), Nihara (VI) and Abinav Prasad (VI)


 MES Campus School observed the International Mother language day on February 21 , 2022 Monday with  various programmes.The students from class IV to IX presented the assembly programmes. A multilingual assembly was arranged as follows : Pledge – Hindi, Thought- Sanskrit , News -Arabic , Speech – Tamil and   Recitation –  Malayalam  indicating love towards mother tongue.The videos in different languages were a part of the observations. Class VIII students had sung the song ‘ Mile Sur Mera thumara ‘ inorder to celebrate the diverse lingual culture of our Nation. Mathrubhasha pledge was taken at 11 am by the entire school students.

Chess Tournament

A  Chess tournament was conducted  at MTM college, Veliyankode  on  19/ 2 / 2022  , Saturday.  36 students  from our Campus  school participated and were able to lift up the OVER ALL CHAMPIONSHIP trophy. The category wise position and  the participants  are  as follows :

Category 4:  FIRST

(Hashim Nihal, Aadarsh Unni, Gautham shankar)

Category 3:  SECOND

(Harigovind, Abhinav .s, Rithik )


(Nihan ,Fida , Shaheen Ali)

Category 2 : THIRD

(Sreehari ,Nazal, Deepanguran )

Category 1: THIRD

(Adithyan .P, Advaith, Fuad)


(Shahan shiyas Hurair, Nahan Niyas Hurair, Adhil shan )

INDIVIDUAL Prize winners

Category : 1  Fuad – 3rd board winner

Category : 2  Nazal Muhammed  – 2nd board winner

Category : 3 Rithik – 3rd board winner

Category :4  Hashim Nihal – 1st board winner

                     Aadarsh unni – 2 nd board winner


MES Campus School  conducted Virtual English Fest  ‘GLOSSA JAMBOREE’ on 09-02-2022 to give more opportunities to practice and improve English language among our children. The program was conducted through online  . These competition were organised  category wise like Cat I (IV & V), Cat II (VI, VII & VIII), Cat III (IX & X) and Cat IV (XI & XII).  The students participated actively in each competition.The winners were awarded trophies and certificates.


WORLD CANCER DAY (04/02/2022)

In connection with World Cancer day, MES Campus School organized various programmes.Dr.Riyas.P.K, MD Edappal Hospital, shared the message about cancer on that day. Students participated in various programmes like Speech, Poster making, Video making and Skit . Programmes helped to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage the prevention, detection and treatment.

MARTYRS’ DAY – January 30

To make the children aware of the sacrifices done by our freedom fighters, MES Campus School observed  Martyrs’ day on 30th January with various programmes through online mode like speech, songs and documentaries in different languages.The videos of the same  uploaded in the class groups.



MES Campus School celebrated Indian Republic Day with much pride and enthusiasm. Official video was prepared in which Mrs. Sunita Nair, Principal, conveyed Republic Day message and welcomed the chief guest of the day. Mr.A.Umesh, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Special Branch), Kozhikode,  enlightened students with his talk . Students from Pre- Primary Montessori to XI classes presented variety entertainment and enriching events. Students performed musical programmes also. The special programmes were uploaded in our school YouTube channel .Teachers  organised Republic Day live Quiz for the classes VI to VIII . They also organised painting competition on the topic “My idea of India” for the students of classes VI to VIII and   Slogan writing, Caption writing and Quiz through Google Forms for the students of classes IV and V and the winners were awarded with certificates.



MES Campus School observed Indian Army Day with varieties of programmes through online to make the children aware of the the sacrifices done by  the army personnel for the sake of our nation. The students from class I toVIII  prepared  videos which depicted the strength, capacity, duties and responsibility of army people.  Class IX and XI presented  documentary  and speech. The videos of the same uploaded in the class groups.



MES Campus School celebrated National Youth Day with varieties of programmes through online. Students of Senior Secondary Section presented documentary , PPT about the life of Swami Vivekananda  and impressive caricature of Swami Vivekananda. The students of Class IX presented speech, documentary and thoughts of Swami Vivekananda. The Primary section presented beautiful programmes related to Swami Vivekananda and  his life.The videos of the same uploaded in the class groups.



M E S Campus School Celebrated Christmas on December 23, Thursday in the most colourful way. The school was decorated beautifully with glitters and lights. Cribs were made   very beautifully in all the sections. Morning assembly programmes were arranged which included speech, Carol songs, thought etc. Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair shared her Christmas wishes to all the students. All the students celebrated Christmas by  singing songs  and handing out small gifts . Students from class Mont I to XI were asked to prepare programmes related to Christmas, and the video was uploaded in School YouTube channel.


Jharokha _ 2K22

Mes campus school celebrated the Montessori day, ‘Jharokha 2K22’, in an outstanding way. The students were given a platform for exhibiting their talents. All the programmes kept a high standard. We uploaded the programmes in class group as well as in Youtube channel. We have prepared a video to show our respect towards the Covid-19 warriors -the front liners and uploaded the same in You tube channel.  The day was really a memorable one in everyone’s heart.


National Mathematics day _ December  22

In connection with the National Mathematics day MES Campus School arranged various programmes. Mr.P. Devaraj, Director of Cosmic Maths Foundation was the chief guest. Special assembly was conducted on that day. Mathematics Olympiad also was conducted for the classes IV, V, VI, VII and VIII. Cartooning and Rubik’s cube competitions conducted for the classes V and VIll. The students actively participated in the programmes.


International Arabic Day _ December 18

In connection with the International Arabic day, MES Campus School conducted different programmes. Dr. Abdul Hadi, Asst. Professor, Madras University was the Chief Guest of the function. The school conducted special assembly in Arabic and some competitions for students like Arabic word making,  Arabic to English translation, Arabic Song, Arabic Dictionary making, Arabic Quiz etc.. The Students actively participated in all items.The programmes were uploaded in the You tube channel.



MES Campus School observed Human Rights day on 10th December 2021, Friday with various programmes. Students from class I to class VIII  prepared  posters, speech  and Power Point presentation .A Poster designing competition was arranged for the offline class students of class V  and VII . The creative works submitted by students were exhibited in class groups on 10th December.


Navy Day _ December 4

To make the children aware of the sacrifices done by the Navy personnel for the sake of our nation, Campus School celebrated Navy day with various programmes.The students from class I  to XI presented speech, PPT, Poster designing and video presentation and the  same were posted in the class groups.


To create awareness among students about the disorder of AIDS, MES Campus School organised various activities. Aids awareness message (video) was given by Dr.Hareesh.S (Junior Consultant, Taluk Hospital Kunnamkulam) and it was shared in all the class groups.The students from class 1 to VIII prepared posters, PPT and videos related to World AIDS day. Symbol of AIDS  using satin ribbon  was distributed to teaching and non-teaching staff. Students of class VIII created the symbol of AIDS using  the candles also was the attraction of the event.

National Education day

MES Campus School  celebrated National Education day on November 11 with various programmes. The students from class 1 to class IX performed various items like poster making, video presentations, recitation, speech, slogan writing, etc… Class X conducted special assembly in connection with National Education day. Students participated actively in all the activities.The videos of the same uploaded in the class groups.



MES Campus School organised various programmes Virtually to celebrate keralappiravi. Students of class IV to IX and XI prepared video presentations, speech, posters, dance and songs with themes related to the culture, tradition, history and nature of Kerala. The video messages from the author of the book ‘Ottamazhappeythu’, Miss.Shyama Parvati, and the author of the book ‘Veendum Thalirkuunna Thanalmarangal’, Mrs.Dhanya Jayaprakash enlightened the programmes. Apart from that a quiz competition was conducted through google forms.


On 1st November 2021 Monday, the MES Campus School opened as per the government guidelines for the classes  3, 4 and 6th. We welcomed all students with lots of happiness and the school was decorated for their  arrival. All the students were  directed to  follow the covid protocol. The school took all the efforts to  follow  the protocol.


MES Campus School celebrated World Food Day on 16th September 2021 with various programmes through online mode. Students presented various programmes like Power Point presentation on food facts, speech, poster making, videos on food nutrients etc. Various presentations made by the students to know about the scarcity of food in many parts of the world and made the children aware of the necessity of reducing food wastage. Students also understood the importance of nutritious food in maintaining good health.

World Students Day _ October 15

MES Campus School observed World Students Day on October 15 with the
initiative of Commerce Department of the school. Teachers entrusted children
with various programmes from class IV to XII. Students presented various
programmes like PowerPoint presentation, speeches, drawings, videos etc
enthusiastically. It was very much clear from the presentations that the
children are inspired by the contributions and the works of great legend Dr.
Abdul Kalam, the missile man of India who has been the inspiration to the
whole world. The students realized that excellence is a continuous process and
not an accident.

Indian Air Force Day _ October 8

MES campus school observed Indian Air Force Day virtually with various programmes to make the students aware of the dedicated service and to salute the brave actions of IAF .The school organised a webinar by retired Master Warrant Officer Mr. Chandra Babu for the classes IX to XII .The School also organised the competitions for the students of class IV to XII like Letter Writing (Official)- IAF service, Appreciation letter, Versification and Origami.The students also prepared the videos of Poster Designing, Speech, and Power point presentation about Indian Air Force and shared in the class groups.

MES Campus School celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi on 2/10/21. Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair delivered Gandhi Jayanthi message. Chief Guest, Smt. Prasannakumari teacher(Gandhi Darsan- Malappuram District Convener) delivered a speech on the relevance of Gandhian principles. Students from classes Mont- I to XII participated in various programmes related to Gandhian ideology and principles. A video included all the mentioned programmes was created and uploaded in the school YouTube channel. The YouTube link was shared in all the class groups.

The school organised a webinar for parents of classes IX to XII on 30th September 2021, Thursday @10 am on the topic “Children need families” through Zoom. The session was handled by Mr. Harish Babu, Certified Trainer, JCI India. Mrs. Sunita Nair, Principal welcomed the guest and the parents to the session. Different types of parenting and the role of parents in the present scenario was explained in the session. The session was very interactive and the parents shared their difficulties in handling the children in different situations.The session were really inspiring one.

World Heart Day

World heart day was observed on 29/09/21 to make awareness among students about the importance of maintaining healthy heart. Students actively participated in various programmes like poster making ,speech, skit etc.The programmes were shared in class groups.

Hindi Diwas was celebrated on September 14 by conducting various programmes. The students from class I to IX performed various items like poster making, video presentations, recitation, speech, slogan writing, calligraphy competition etc… Class 1V & V conducted special assembly in connection with Hindi Diwas. A special video including the message by the Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair was uploaded in YouTube.


The students of MES Campus School celebrated Teachers Day on 05/ 09/21 virtually with various programmes. Classes from Montessori junior to XII presented various programmes through online presented speech, dance and other items which made the teachers proud and happy. An appreciation card from school management committee was also shared to all the teachers. Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair appreciated all the students for their effort.

National Sports Day _ 2021
National Sports day was observed on 29/08/ 2021 through online platform. As the part of National Sports day, MES Campus School conducted an online sports quiz through Google form. E -certificates were provided for the winners.

Online parents meet of classes were conducted through zoom platform to ensure the smooth conduct of online classes of children through active participation of parents and seeking their whole hearted support on the following dates.
Class l _ 04/08/21
Class ll _ 03/08/21
Class III _ 02/08/21
Class IV _ 16/07/21
Class V _ 15/07/21
Class Vl _ 14/07/21
Class Vll _ 30/07/21
Class Vlll _ 12/07/21
Class lX _ 08/07/21
Class X _ 25/06/21

Bakrid Celebration (2021)

MES campus School celebrated Eid ul Adha (Bakrid) on 20/7/ 2021 through online platform. Arabic and Islamic Studies department conducted different programmes like Mehandi fest, lshal Nilavu (online Mappila pattu )etc. Dr. VP Suhaib Moulavi, Imam Palayam Juma’ Masjid Trivandrum were the chief guest of the function. Campus school principal Mrs.Sunita Nair has given Eid message to the students. All the parents, teachers and students watched the programmes through YouTube live.


MES Campus School observed Basheer Smriti Dinam on 5th July 2021. Students from classes IV to X prepared videos and Powerpoint presentations. Children also prepared Character Sketches based on Vaikkom Muhammed Basheer’s works. The creative works submitted by students were exhibited in class groups on 5th July.


The international yoga day was observed in our school on June 21 through online platform. Children got a chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body. There was a yoga demonstration about the importance of yoga in day to day life in which the students performed different ‘asanas’ and meditation. School Principal, Mrs. Sunita Nair gave message about the importance of yoga.


MES campus school celebrated the World Music Day on June 21 virtually. The programmes were organised by school choir. The students presented various programmes like speech, songs etc. School Principal Mrs. Sunita Nair gave special message to encourage the talents in students.

Online classes Appscook platform 2021- ’22

The school started providing online classes for all classes from pre primary to Plus two through appscook platform. Appscook and WhatsApp classes for pre primary to class lll started from June 7, 2021. Appscook classes for IV to VIII standard started from June 3, 2021. For class IX, X and XII online classes started on May 7, 2021. For class XI online classes started on June 7, 2021.

Campus school feels proud to present the cent percent result of AISSE & AISSCE examination of 2019-2020.
Class X – Out of 34 students appeared for the examination 27 secured distinction and 7 passed out with first class.
Class XII – Out of 31 students (Science + Commerce group) 28 secured distinction and 3 passed out with first class.
Anagha Sunder, Gouthami Aravind and Nafha N.K bagged school topper with 94.8 % marks in Science Stream.
Deepak Krishnan – Topper in Commerce stream with 97.2% marks.


World Heart Day

World heart day was observed on 29/09/21 to make awareness among students about the importance of maintaining healthy heart. Students actively participated in various programmes like poster making ,speech, skit etc.The programmes were shared in class groups.


ONLINE CLASSES –APPSCOOK PLATFORM & WHATSAPPThe ongoing pandemic withheld the formal reopening of the school. The school started providing online classes for all classes from Pre-primary to XII.
WhatsApp classes for Pre-primary to VIII std started from June 3, 2020.
Class IX, 20th April, 2020, Class X- VIII April 2020. Online classes shifted to Appscook platform from 22/06/2020 for all classes.
For class XII online classes started on April 1, 2020 and class XI on August 10, 2020.