Rules & Regulations

Supply of Books

Arrangements are made by the mesterolone cost school authorities to distribute the prescribed text books and note books  to the children through the school store.

Tests and Examinations

The school follows examination system, which includes periodic assessment and term examination.

School Uniform

It is compulsory for all students to wear the school uniform on all working days as well as on special class days. All school programmes are to be attended in full uniform unless intimated differently. The uniform pattern is as important as the colour and material.


  1. The School follows the examination pattern prescribed by CBSE
  2. If a student is absent for any examination, he/she will be considered ‘failed’ and reexamination will not be conducted. In case of illness, a medical certificate must be produced for sanctioning of leave. How ever, the principal and teachers may use their discretion and provide another opportunity.
  3. In classes XI  & XII pass marks both in theory as well as practical are required for subjects involving practicals.
  4. Student’s Profile will be shown to parents after every term. Parent must come to the school for an interaction with the teachers after the term Exam. It is an opportunity to meet the teacher and discuss their ward’s progress.
  5. Promotion will be considered taking in to account, the performance of the students during the whole year. Parents are requested to monitor their ward’s progress, right from the beginning of the academic year.
  6. Assessments in the Montessori classes are based on the observation of the teacher on a daily basis.

Instructions to Parents

a) Parents are expected to co-operate with the school authorities for the smooth  and fruitful functioning of the school. They should inculcate studiousness, punctuality and discipline in their wards. They are expected to take keen interest in the day to day progress of their children.

b) The parents can visit his/her child’s teachers during the lunch break (ie- 12.20 pm to 1.00 pm) to ascertain the progress of their wards. And also after school hour (ie 3.50 – 4.30 pm). They should take permission from the principal/vice principal/HM before meeting the teacher.

c) Parents should examine their children’s note books, assignments and Students Diary carefully on a regular basis. They should also make sure that their wards take special interest to study those subjects in which they are weak.

d) Parents are to ensure that their child reaches school in a neat and tidy manner. Boys’ parents kindly ensure that their son gets proper hair cut in time and shave neatly before they come to school.

e) A  pupil suffering from any contagious disease should not be sent to school at any cause. Absence from school even for a day must be noted in the ‘Leave Application’ in the diary.

f) The pupils should be taken back from the school in the evening latest by 4.30 p.m

g) Please do not send non-veg food to school.

h) Parents should not ask permission to take their ward home early on flimsy grounds. On genuine and unavoidable reasons, however, the parents may take their children early with prior permission from the Principal/Vice Principal by sending a written note in the school diary.

Whenever a parent wants the ward to reach home early on their own, parent should make a note in the students diary requesting permission stating the reasons.

i) Parents are expected to abide by the rules and regulations formulated by the Management for the smooth functioning of the school. Such rules and regulations, may be  altered, added or amended from time to time.

j) Parents are requested to remit the fees on time and co-operate with the smooth functioning of the school.

k) Boys parents should ensure that their sons do not alter the pants or stitch  them in a manner violating dress code. When a student comes the school violating the dress code, he/she will not be allowed to sit in class. School takes no responsibility for informing the parents.

l)Any change of address and phone number should be properly informed to the school office.

m) Only those parents who are fully satisfied with the system and style of functioning of the school should seek admission for their wards in this school.

l) The following are considered as serious offenses liable for punishment including dismissal from the school.

  1. Possessing/ Use of mobile phones.
  2.  Driving of car and powered two wheelers.
  3. Destroying school properties intentionally.
  4. Higher level disobedience.
  5. Sexual allegation.
  6. Stealing others property.
  7. Use of intoxicating agents.
  8.  Malpractices in the examinations.
  9. Use of abusive language and man handling.
  10. Indecent behaviour.
  11. Any other activity which damages the image of the school.
  12. Political involvement.

 Instructions to the Students

It is compulsory to bring the diary to school on every working day.

a) Report to the school before 9.10 a.m. Those who come late i.e.., after 9.10 a.m. will be admitted to the class only with the permission of the Principal/Vice Principal. Late arrival will be recorded in the dairy and frequent late coming will be reflected in the students records.

b) Speak only in English in the campus.

c) Perfect silence is to be observed and strict discipline should be maintained in the class and the campus after the first bell.

d) Look after your belongings such as books, umbrella, tiffin carrier etc. and they must be marked with the name of the owner. The school is not responsible for the articles that are lost. Whenever  you lose something make enquiries to get back the lost item.

e) Take part in the co-curricular and extra curricular activities. They are opportunities for you to grow.

f) Use the school library well for your development. Maintain a record of books you have read by entering them in ‘ Records of Books Taken from the Library’.

g) Mobile phones, photography and videography are not allowed in the school campus.

h) Do not wear costly ornaments  to school.

i)  In order to avoid waste of food only the required quantity of food needs to be brought to the school.Non-veg food is to be avoided for lunch.

j) Damages caused to furniture, toys, lab equipments, kids park and other fittings of the school should be replaced by made the one who is responsible for it. Classes concerned may be given  common fine when the real culprit couldn’t be booked.

k) Uniform patterns should be strictly followed. Students must wear it decently. Boys should ensure that the pants are stitched properly.Those students who are not following the dress code will be asked to return to the house. The School takes no responsibility for informing the parents.

l) Students are expected to keep their hair neat tidy and well combed. Girls should plait their hair properly and use white ribbons for tying it. Fancy hair clips and dangles must be avoided. Proper and timely hair cuts are a must for boys. Grown up boys are to shave neatly and fancy moustashes and beards won’t be allowed.